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No one else has ever done this so I thought I would (grin)

This is a Instructables robot USB drive (16 Gig) drive I thought I would combine 2 favorite techs things together into one device. FUN!

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Step 1: Making the IRobot (Instructable Robot)

One of the things my "prize pack" netted me for winning one of the contests was a Instructable robot
Cloth patch - I used this as the base for my iRobot Drive.

I took the patch, and cut out the robot figure, making sure the drive would fit in behind the robot.

Step 2: Fitting in the Drive

I decided that the robot head would be the cap of the drive.
So i made a USB cap out of the top of a sharpie marker, and hot glued the head onto the marker.

Step 3: Building the Robot

using hot glue I glued the body to the USB drive, making sure not to drip any hot glue on the inside
of the drive.

Step 4: More Body Work

More pictures of me adding hot glue, and building up the head (I used a sharpie pen cap)
and fashioned the head using the cut cap, and then gluing the robot's head onto the cap

Step 5: Finishing the Robot

Here are some pictures of the head mounted on the cap.

Step 6: The Finished Product

Here is the Finished pictures.

If I had better electronic skills, I would embed three lights into the robots chest to show
transfer activity, maybe someone will take this idea and improve on it!



Step 7: More Pictures - Complete

I added fabric to the rest of the USB drive

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    8 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    thats so cool, except i don't want to cut my patch so ill use a sticker on hard carboard!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    OMG! I have a left hand just like that!  I'm just kidding and I LOVE your 'ible, but actually it does look like my hand... oh dear.


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 6


    That's very nice of you to say, but It's not ready for prime time (just yet)
    Why not make your own! (After all this IS instructables!)