Instructable Swing




Introduction: Instructable Swing

Would you like to make a swing you can take with you to the park?

Do you enjoy swinging on a warm and sunny day?

Here's an instruction on how to make an easy swing.

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Step 1: Materials

The first thing you need is a tree strong enough to hold a persons weight. When you get to the park you need to find a good location. You don't only need a tree that is strong enough but you need to make sure there's enough space to move around with the swing.

The materials you need for the swing itself are:

  • a piece of plywoood big enough for you to sit on with a thickness of 2 cm. I recommend a thickness of 2 cm to make sure the wood is strong enough to hold your weight.
  • 20 meters of rope with a diameter of 8mm. The most important thing is that the rope is strong enough to hold the weight.
  • 2 pieces of rope of 2 meters with a diameter of 8mm (can be the same rope).
  • 2 carabiners that can be closed firmly

Some hardware stores can help you to cut the materials to the size you like. If you decide to drill the holes yourself I have included the steps hereafter.

Step 2: the Tools You Need

  • jig saw
  • drill
  • drill bit of 10 mm(big enough to insert your rope with some extra space for movement!)
  • files

Step 3: Making the Seat Plate

First you have to mark the desired dimensions for the seating of your swing.

The dimensions I used are 33cmx44cm. You could also make a smaller or bigger seating if you like.

Then you can cut out the marked piece with the jig saw.

To sit more comfortably on your swing it is best to make a rounding on the side that you wish to use as the front of the swing.

Step 4: Drilling Holes, Making the Slits and Tying Rope

Mark 4 dots where you want to drill holes on the sitting board to be able to attach the ropes. Be carefull the dots aren't placed to close to the sides of the swing. If you drill the holes to close to the edge it is possible the wood will crack. I marked the dots at 1,5 cm from either side in the corners of the sitting board for the front side of the sitting board and 1,5 cm from the side and 6 cm from the back of the sitting board. At the back you need to leave a space for the slits to attach your swing. (you can look at the photos to make sure you mark the right spot)

Drill the holes with a 10 mm drill bit.

Take one piece of rope of 2 meters and insert the end of the rope through both holes of the left side. Do the same with the second piece of rope but on the right side. Make sure the ends of the ropes come out on the same side.

Take the two ends of one rope and make a strong knot.

Insert one wire through the carabiner.

At the back of the sitting board you need to cut out slits where you can attach the rope in the end. Mark the shape of a lightning bold in the space you have left making sure not to get too close to the back edge. You can saw out the slits with a jigsaw.

Tip: it's easier to drill a hole in a corner so you can start sawing more easily from the corner.

Your jigsaw will break if you try to make the turns while sawing. You need to stop in each turn and drill a hole to start from.

Step 5: Take the 20 Meter Rope

Take each end of the rope and tie them to the carabiners, make a double knot.

Now you are ready to go out and find a tree!

Step 6: The Suspension System

You found a tree? Well done!

Take the rope of 20 meters that now forms a loop in the middle. It's easier if you attach a weight to the loop to make sure the rope comes down again once you threw it over a branch.

Throw the loop over the branch of the tree you wish to use.

Take the loop back and make sure your sitting board is horizontal.

You then take one side of the loop and insert it in the slit on the left. The other side is inserted in the slit on the right.

Tie the rope firmly into the slit (take a look at the photos or video if things seem to complicated).

To make sure it's firm enough you need to wind the rope from one side to the other. In this way you don't have to much excess rope and you're sure your swing is firm and stable.

Enjoy swinging!

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