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Use this Instructable to figure out which of our advertising networks are displaying good, bad, fast, slow, appropriate, or inappropriate ads.

If one network doesn't have an impression available, it will default to another via our optimizer, Liftium.  To figure out which network is serving a specific ad, after the page loads, put javascript:Liftium.loadInspector(); into the URL bar and press return.  If the ad came through a Liftium network, an overlay will appear on the ads.  If not, look for an "Ads by Google" or a circled "I" that upon mouse-over will display "Ads by Google."

If you see something that doesn't fit with our community, note the network, time-of-day, and your location -- different ads serve to different locations around the world. Send that information with a screen shot of that ad, and if possible, the destination URL.

Also, some ads only display once a day (or other time-period).  So, it's possible that reloading this page won't turn up the specific ad you'd like to report.  In this case, trying viewing this Instructable with a different browser, ready to catch all the information about the ad you can.

Step 1: Coin Media Tags

Step 2: Liftium Tags

Step 3: Ad Blade

Step 4: FM

Step 5: ValueClick

Step 6: Price Grabber Skype Campaign




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