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    2 years ago

    Hi I want to make a geodesic sphere fom bamboo as its free no cost, strong and light , i plan to carry it on a bike trailer, it will serve as a bedroom for me as i will put a bed in the centre. storage underneath. It can hang in the trees too.

    I need to make it big as possible but not bigger than a road so this is perfect size

    To join the bamboo together I have researched methods and cut off pieces of hose pipe seem the best idea. I will not be able to make bends in the bamboo

    Do you think it will work if I use your measurements of lengh and then use as the hubs , hose pipe pieces bolted together, to connect. Im trying to make this all for virtually no cost, so i can not download the instructions as it costs, but I should be able to work it out from the measurements.

    Any help advice happily recieved, merci ,

    my email is,


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Might have just figured out the answer: did it just come out that way because all the struts are the same length?

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    The struts are 2 different length.
    Dimensions for the real sphere:
    To build a sphere with a radius of 4.25 feet requires:
    70 Struts 2.63 feet each bend angle 18o
    60 Struts 2.32 feet each bend angle 16o
    52 Bolts, 52 Nuts, & 104 Washers :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Actually it comes out that way because the struts are DIFFERENT sizes. its deliberate to make the structure stronger and stop the vertices popping inwards under stress.

    www.Desert will show you how to make this.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Is there a structural reason why each pentagon is "domed" with the center joint higher than the sides?

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