Instructables - HOW TO MAKE a LIGHT TABLE

Introduction: Instructables - HOW TO MAKE a LIGHT TABLE

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Recycle, that is the theme of these instructable
I have a lamp with a magnifier and a fantastic “FUJI Digital Camera” that I have had in storage that I have not used in more than a year.

Step 1:

I need a light table to create pictures of pages out of an old textbook that I would like to publish in Facebook
This is a great project I can do at the TechShop

Step 2:

I first need to remove and clean up the magnifier from the lamp

Step 3:

I have found a small piece of scrap metal in the TechShop Sheet Metal Shop

Step 4:

I cut the metal and adjust it to the size I need

Step 5:

Then I punch holes in the metal

Step 6:

Like this

Step 7:

Then I round and smooth out the corners

Step 8:

and bend in the vise

Step 9:

into the shape I need

Step 10:

I screw the support into the Lamp

By the way, I made the window sticker at TechShop too.
(the sticker in the background, I made it at Techshop too :)

Step 11:

I then screw the camera in the support

Since I did not use this camera for more than a year, I was disappointed  to discover that the camera did not work!
It is always a good idea to test the parts before starting the project ….ahaha..
Never give up!
Let’s go buy a new FUJI Digital Camera

Step 12:

I have bought my new camera
Now I find the position of the screw to mount the camera in the support has changed :(

Step 13:

It turns out the door for the battery and SD Card in the new camera is positioned differently, now I can put the support screw in a better position

so now my original project will not work :(
but I never give up ….ahahha...
I will create an interface piece between the support and the camera

Step 14:

I am going to describe the process to create this interface piece since it is the same process I used to create the original support.  The final result is that you can create an interface with multiple possibilities.

Step 15:

(new camera, old support and new interface part)

Step 16:

And that is the first picture in the new set up :)

some manipulation is needed
like a neutral back ground, perfect alignment of the frame, focus....ahaha...
but anyway, we are in the way
see you in my next project instruction  :)
Yep, I made it at Techshop

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