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A few months ago wife discovered a new love, Alpacas.  She has gone crazy over them and every month we have one more.  This is great for her, but for me it means building more fences and installing more gates.

Step 1:

The installation of the gate is very easy when I can count on Techshop to give me the ability to conquer one hard step in the process, making a hole in the steel gate. 
So, let's do it
I purchased the gate and installation kit at Home Depot.

Step 2:

The most difficult part of this process was making the holes in the gate for the supporting axles to go through.  Thanks to the supply of tools at Techshop I was able to find a large enough drill bit. 

By positioning the gate on a vice I was able to mark the position of the holes.

Then I proceeded to make the hole, starting small and making larger until I created the needed diameter. 

Step 3:

I then made the hole with a hand drill and the hard part was done!

Step 4:

Assembly of the axles was easy. 

Step 5:

as was attaching the gate number 4 to the pole which completed the job.

O.K. Honey bring on more alpacas, I am not afraid, I can make as many gates as will be needed
(Thanks to Techshop .....ahahaha...)

P.S.: never show alpacas for your wife.

I made it at Techshop



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Perhaps you should print out this instrutable, give it to your wife and send her off to Techshop ;-)

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