Instructables Inspired Projects (THANK YOU, INSTRUCTABLES!)




Introduction: Instructables Inspired Projects (THANK YOU, INSTRUCTABLES!)

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These are some of the projects which, while inspired by Instructables submissions, weren't added as instructables themselves either because the assembly instructions would have taken pages (e.g., the Radio Lamp") or I didn't think they quite came up to snuff (e.g., Cauldron of Light).

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, they are great!! Feel free to add your slide show and anything alse to my group "compleatables" A group created to provide a place to locate our compleated 'Ibles. ;)

    Mr. Rig It
    Mr. Rig It

    12 years ago on Introduction

    Wow that radio is soooo... freakin cool I would love to se an instructable on that one. I would seriouly consider building it. I am also very interested in your plant nursery do you have any plans for that one as well? I am giving you a plus for such cool projects They came out really well.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, I didn't write down the plans (most of these things come straight out of my head, anyway :-)), but the hardest part of the build is the top/radio section. Most people wanna know how I marked out the curves for the top--which is simple enough if you have a large, home-made compass. Just start out with a rectangle of wood a given size, and draw a curve from one corner of the shortest dimension (using the other as your origin or pivot point) to the center of the opposing side. Repeat the process by swapping corners and draw the opposing curve. Voila! Instant arch. (Note that the only way to get these curves to meet is to start each curve about a third of the way up along the longest dimension of your rectangle.) As for the plant nursery, it's just a box with Windows. ;-)