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Introduction: Instructables Intro Text Effect

I made this for instructables since I have lots of free time. It took me nearly 3 hours to finish this up. Watch in high quality for better visual and sound (duh). If you're interested and want your very own intro text for your website, I can do it for you for a small fee. It will look something like the video above. Contact me for more info.

If you'd like to learn to do it on your own, delve into the tutorials over at VideoCopilot and you'll find great instructions on a wide variety of topics, including effects in this video.

My latest instructables: How to make a cool lightbox

Oh and check out my website

Tell me what you think about the intro text through the comment section.



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    I love this video, and are glad you posted it. Really cool. Now I want to do this.

    Cool video! And thanks for the link to VideoCopilot! When I manage to get some spare time, I look forward to trying this out!

    Instructables isn't a promotional site, it is a site to post instructions to help others do things that you have done. while its great that you can do this after following a tutorial posted somwehere else, selling yours services to build the thing in your instructable is completely counter the the entire point of I really hope you expand this instructable with some INSTRUCTIONS on how to DO what you did... if you have improved on the videocopilot tutorial, GREAT! share it with us! Maybe you could write an instructable on how to take negative feedback on instructables and use it to improve your instruction for the benefit of all! best of luck.

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    I don't think I will be posting instruction on how to achieve this effect, or even expanding it any further..because THEN you guys will accuse me of stealing videocopilot tutorial. I'm fine with this. =)

    the point is, you haven't posted any INSTRUCTIONS. you have posted a RESULT, and then ADVERTISED the your skills and the results for sale.

    Instructables is all about instructions, to show others HOW to do something you can already do.

    if you used the videocopilot tutorial, say so, but EVEN BETTER, is to post YOUR OWN instructions on how to do it BETTER, FASTER or SIMPLER than videocopilot.

    I have flagged your instructable as inappropriate because as it stands it is simply an advertisement for your paid services.
    i made my comments because this site is about posting instructions, and clearly, in using the videocopilit tutorial, you have gained some knowledge that you could share with the instructables community. I suggested ways in which you could share such info in a way that isn't a blatant copy-past plagarism/stealing job, but you choose not too do so.

    you really need to understand that instructables is not youtube. its about HOW TO DO IT, not THAT YOU CAN.

    I am happy that you have learned a new skill, but if you wish to CONTRIBUTE to the isntructables COMMUNITY, then follow the intent of the community, and post some INSTRUCTIONS.

    I will continue to flag this post as inappropriate (and urge others to do so) because as it stands, it is just an advertisement for paid services.

    Please change your post to include instructions and contribute meaningfully to the instructables community.

    Took this from instructables:

    What kind of videos can I post?
    Submit your how-to videos, show off what you have made or are currently making. Just make sure the videos are your own.

    So I will flag you for trying to bash my project here. Next time read properly before making an essay here.

    The rest of the submission page clearly outlines the purpose of instructables, video or otherwise;
    An Instructable is a step-by-step guide showing how you made or did something.

    A video instructable isn't a magic loophole freeing you from that explicit sentiment of demonstrating to others how to do or make something, its just there to allow you to share your as-yet-undocumented creation.
    A video instructable (or instructable of any kind) doesn't give any of us license to shill our services - if people want to contact you to do so on their own, unprompted, fine.

    Please understand, I think what you have done is great, I just don't think that you have presented it in a manner that is a good fit for the instructables community. You are clearly out to advertise your skills for hire, which is great, but instructibles isnt the place for that (there is a marketplace forum with a services section, maybe try there).

    Alternatively, I made suggestions on how you could change your 'ible to be a better fit (ie, by providing some instructions) but you refuse to do so. You insist that we "dont get the point of why you posted this video here" - well, I think we do - you have made abundantly clear that you are "offering a service to anyone interested in a promo title"... and that _IS_ the problem: it is counter to the whole purpose of instructables. Further, we won't leave "your project" alone, because as you have made abundantly clear to us, it isn't a project, its an advertisement.

    Please either document your techniques in the spirit of instructibles or remove it and advertise elsewhere. Its really that easy.

    Best of luck.
    they're at about 84 tutorials right now, all for Adobe After Effects.
    I think they're great, it's just when someone copies the tut and calls it their own that I get a little annoyed....

    I hope you're not talking about me. True that I did this on my own but everyone learns it from somewhere.

    ok..why didn't you give credit to your english teacher? because she/he taught you how to write these comments. Come on, give me a break. Its not like I rip off his video and posted it here. Besides, I did not use his presets to do this titles. Doesn't mean you learn something from somewhere, you need to credit them all the time, you put effort into your work, you should credit yourself for that matter.

    Maybe you can just put a link saying look at these cool instructions from videocopilots, that's basically what this is. We want to know how to make this!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, why not make an instrutable, or post the link???????????
    Also, I would like to thank Mrs. Finnochi, Mrs.Halpin, Mr. DiBabbo, Ms. Black, and all my other english teachers for making this possible.. =D

    Like I said, I put it over at youtube, which has more views than here. And the purpose of me putting it here is not to show you how its done, I am simply showing I did something for instructables for free and hope people appreciate it. At least instructables appreciate it since they feature this video.

    I was just giving you an example of how ridiculous it would be to credit to whoever you learn from everytime single time, since you DID credit your english teacher, do it for the rest of your post on the net. Thanks =)

    That doesn't mean you don't have to paste the link here, because it's on youtube. Not everyone clicks on the youtube page, after they've watched the embedded video, SO POST A LINK!

    Also, I would like to thank Mrs. Finnochi, Mrs.Halpin, Mr. DiBabbo, Ms. Black, and all my other english teachers for making this possible.. =D

    But this is INSTRUCTABLES. The whole point of the site and the community is to show somebody HOW you did something.
    It doesn't matter if you're just showing a video of the final project, this site isn't just a virtual bulletin board for you to show the world your skills; that's what YouTube is for, and you were right to post this there.
    I'm trying to be constructive here; I'm saying nothing about you or your abilities, I'm saying that when you take a considerable amount of inspiration from a third party ( And you have), on a site like this you need to at least mention your source.
    Everything in this video besides the instructables logo is a product of a tutorial at
    It has nothing to do with crediting everyone you learn something from, it has everything to do with calling someone else's work your own. (and you are. I made this for instructables...I can do it for you for a small fee. It will look something like the video above.
    Of course it will. It's a tutorial.)

    "I made this for instructables... I can do it for you for a small fee. It will look something like the video above" What is wrong in saying this, I DID make the video, I did offer a service. I will not argue anymore because you don't get the point of me posting this video here. If you don't like how I post the video here, then leave it, its my project and I can do what I like. Furthermore, instructables hadn't say anything like" ohh you have to show how you did this video" Thank you for all your comments

    Yeah, I remember seeing the monster one, unfortuanetly I don't use after effects. I googled it, thanks though.