Instructables July 20, 2007 Build Night and Show and Tell

Introduction: Instructables July 20, 2007 Build Night and Show and Tell

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This is a brief recap of the Instructables Build Night and Show and Tell held on Friday July 20th, 2007.

We roughly followed our own How to Host an Instructables Show and Tell but added a Build night component.

Before the main Show and Tell event, people were encouraged to share a skill, help others make a short project, or show off something cool. In this Instructable, I am pushing the limit of the medium, and documenting what happened.

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Step 1: Build Night Table 1

lkrasnow brought and demonstrated some of his Precision Puzzles.

Step 2: Build Night Table 2

canida built Harry Potter wands as described by KaptinScarlet. A few were also made using real sticks!

Step 3: Build Night Table 3

Step 4: Build Night Table 4

Mark Richards showed and signed copies of Core Memory, his book of fantastic photographs of vintage computers.

Step 5: Build Night Table 5

intoon showed how to build a marshmallow gun. The guns were than used as part of a major marshmallow offensive in the courtyard.

Step 6: Build Night Table 6

Universal Laser sent one of their new fire-engine-red Versa Lasers that we used to engrave cell phones, laptops, and an iPhone.

Step 7: Build Night Table 7

shoeBlade demonstrated the Gigapan a robotic device for capturing panoramic images over 1 billion pixels in size.

Step 8: Build Night Table 8

Chris Anderson and his son Daniel demonstrated a homemade unmanned aircraft built using Lego mindstorm.

Step 9: Build Night Table 9

Step 10: The Show and And Tell!

17 people had things to share. They were:

ewilhelm: Welcome, introduction, and How to Dye your Sneakers Purple
canida: Hyperbolic crochet
shoeBlade: Gigapan device and String Tripod
Jon: Liquid Neon
'Bug & Janie: Flexagons
Sam of Octopart: Doublet Amplifier
Marc: Stick collaboration
Stig: How to Give a Massage with a Jigsaw
Charlotte: Start your own Didgeridoo factory
Mark Richards: Computer as art
trebuchet03: Batman Iron and Human Powered Vehicle
Gautam: TrytpoVision
Chris and Daniel: Lego Autopilot
lkrasnow: minisaw
Patrick: Solar can stove
Joshua: Homemade black powder
tetranitrate: Giant Match

Step 11: Black Powder and Giant Match

The homemade black powder and giant match demonstrations were held outside. If you plan to do after dark outside presentations, have a source of light ready. Fortunately, Tim had a bunch of lights hooked up to his new electric cars.

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    7 Discussions


    12 years ago on Step 6

    That's a photo of the iPhone owner's dog! Yes, we tried to talk him out of etching a brand new, $600 dollar phone, but he loves his dog! I was merely an enabler, I swear! Thanks to Eric and Canida for indulging the almost-midnight laserography.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    How do I rate this? I think its a really cool invention. Like a seven, maybe an eight.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    For the future. Is there an age limit, or is it open to the public? Also, if we arrived, do you think we would feel inferior if we did not know as much as some of the others? I for one, am intrigued by all of this, and I am itching to go in a few years.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Open to everyone, Brenn10! People come with their young ones all the time. Everyone has something to contribute; your enthusiasm alone is enough to be part of a Show and Tell :)