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This is a guide on how to LIKE someone's instructable, COMMENT on something, VOTE for a contest, and FOLLOW some awesome people!

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Step 1: LIKE

To like click the heart in the top left corner
After you have liked it, it should turn purple


To comment on someone's cool instructable click the chat bubbles
Type whatever you want to say
Tap send

Step 3: VOTE

To vote for someone's 'able click the vote button (note some people don't enter contests so it may not be there)
If they entered more than one contest click all of the ones you want to vote for them
After you voted there should be a gray check

Step 4: FOLLOW

To follow you simply click the follow button!
If for whatever reason you don't want to follow them click the same button you clicked to follow them except it will say UNFOLLOW instead of FOLLOW

Step 5: Finished!

Hope you enjoyed it and be sure to do all those things in this instructable!

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    4 years ago

    But happy fourth guys and gals! :D


    4 years ago

    Sorry about the looks! It may get kinda confusing because it's instructable pics for my instructable pics