Deconstructable Instructable Puzzle

Finally, a puzzle with wood sticks without requiring any glue! Great for family time and rainy days.

Materials needed:
-Wood Sticks
-Acrylic Paint

Step 1: Add Sticks in Vertical Lines

Add sticks to increase the three vertical lines so that you can continue the over/under pattern.

Step 2: Add Sticks to Horizontal Rows

Patiently, add sticks under and over the horizontal sticks already in the structure.

The sticks should hold in place by themselves.

Weave a fourth vertical line of sticks to bring the horizontal lines together.

You'll notice my structure in the final picture is shorter. I decided to make my puzzle smaller than I originally thought I would want so I took off some rows.

Step 3: Add Small Addition

I made my structure too small to fit "Instructables" so I had to make a small structure to fit onto the larger one before painting.

Step 4: Paint

Mix the red and brown acrylic paints to give the wood sticks a nice finish.

Once this is dry, paint on Let dry.

Step 5: Dissemble and Store

Once dry, you should label the back with a letter or number on each Popsicle stick (otherwise this puzzle would be impossible!).

Most importantly: take a picture of your numbered Popsicle sticks! This will be your roadmap for putting your puzzle back together.

You then can completely dissemble the whole puzzle. Don't worry! You'll be able to put it back together.

Put your Popsicle sticks in a jar. I chose a Mason jar (I had to use two) to put my pieces in. Now you can store your puzzle where ever you'd like!

You should be able to reassemble the puzzle within thirty minutes based on the numbers/letters you wrote on your puzzle.



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