Instructables Robot Head


Introduction: Instructables Robot Head

This instructable is on how to make the I'bles robot head as seen in
random prize draw!

It is not that hard but the results will (hopefully) please you!

Step 1: Gear Up

What you will need:

~ A "Head sized" box
~ Scizzors
~ Spray paint
~ Wooden dowel (finger width)
~ Plastic Nerdy glasses
~ Sharpie or permanent marker

A love for the Instructables Robot!

Step 2: Box Prep for Paint

To have my head fit in the box and not slide off easily
i cut half circle holes in each flap of the box so it just fit around my neck.

I then cut halfway down the half-circles on top of 2 and bottom of 2 so they slide together.

I cut circles out for eyes.

Step 3: Paint

You need 2 different colour (it's how we spell it here) spray paint cans.
The main body will be orange and the "ears" red

Paint the "ears separately and after paint cut a "+" shaped slit for them to slide into.

After you are finished spraying be sure to hold can upside down and
spray on something until clear comes out so it doesn't clog.

Step 4: Do the ROBOT!

Nearly finished we just have to bring it to life by putting on antennae!

~Cut 2 pieces of dowel at whichever length seems right.
~Stick them on the "ears" with tape an (optional) wrap the dowel with black tape too.
~ (optional) if you have the plastic big "geeky" glasses you can cut out the plastic and stick the circles on.

i hope you enjoyed my instructable please +1 it makes me feel good about myself!

if you intend to use the instructables robot head for any videos and yo9u have used this instructable
please refer back to it and if you wish to use any aspect of the robot for any personal gain please contact a member of the instructables staff.




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    I think I yelled at you in the theater to get your big head out of the way, sorry. I thought duck-lemons had webbed-citrusy feet? :8(

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    well, if I looked at it I'd know it's the instructables robot, not something like superman or a rock or something

    No no no, it doesn't look too much like the one in the random prize videos, but it DOES look like the Robot.