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Introduction: Instructables Robot Headphones

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I always liked the instructables robot, and always tried to somewhat make cool stuff with that robot like the instructable I made a couple of weeks ago : USB Powered Instructables Robot Night Lamp...

So one and a half week ago I was listening to Linkin Park - In The End and was searching the instructables website for cool instructables, and then when I saw an instructables robot made out of paper, I thought why not make myself a pair of instructables robot themed headphones, and out of that thought comes this instructable!

Here is a video!

So lets get started on making the headphones!

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Step 1: Let's Get the Materials!

So for this make all you need are :

Earbuds (1$ or cheaper)
Some cardboard and some posterboard (Posterboard is not necessary but would help)
Sponges (1$ (Make up sponges are the best))
Spray Paint (Silver : 3$ and Yellow : 3$)
Strong Glue (2$)
Scissors ( 3-5$)
2 Small Plastic Cups (1$)

Tools that would help but not necessary are :

Box Cutter
Cardboard Cutter
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

Here are the links where you can get some of the materials!

Glue gun :

Box Cutter:



Step 2: Making the Earpieces

First we start of by making the earpiece...

The first step is to print out an instructables robot on a piece of paper and trace it onto 4 pieces of cardboard and cut them out, 2 pieces for each earpiece.

Then you need to cut out a strip of cardboard about two and a half cms wide and about 65-70 cms lengthwise for each ear piece.

Then take the cardboard or posterboard strip that you cut out and place it along the edges of the robot to form an embossed outline as shown in the picture. Then take the other instructables robot cutout and glue it on the embossed outline as shown in the picture, by doing this you are done with one earpiece.

Then you will need to cut a hole with a radius of about 3cm in the center of the earpiece but the hole should be only on one side. Then on the side beside the leg you will need to cut a small slot, this is where you will insert the earbud in.

Repeat the whole thing once more for the other earpiece.

Have a look at the pictures if you do not understand something in this step.

Step 3: Making the Extensions

Now that the earpiece is completed we need to make something cool to go on the earpiece, I decided to make another sort of 3D layered instructables robot which we will be attached on the other side of the earpieces where there is no hole in the center.

Okay to make the extension you first need to cut an instructables robot on cardboard and then cut a little smaller one then another even more smaller and then a small head and a small body, we will attach all of these one on top of another and this will create a layered 3D effect, if you do not understand what I am saying have a look at the pictures to get a better understanding.

Then we will need to cut out 2 cardboard squares with its corners flatened as shown in the picture, this will be the background where we will place the layered instructables robot on!

After cutting out all the pieces glue the instructables robot pieces together except the background piece as we will be painting the background piece in a different color.

Of course we will need to make 2 sets of these as well as we need one for each earpiece.

Step 4: Making the Earpads

Now we will make the earpads which will keep your ears comfortable.

To make this all we need is 2 sponges and 2 plastic cups.

First you will need to cut a hole in the center of the sponge, the easiest way to this was to just fold the sponge in half and then cut a hole. Then we just need to glue the plastic cup in the center hole of the sponge, make sure the cup's back sticks out but not the front (Have a look at the picture for a clear understanding)

Then you will need to make a hole in the bottom of the small plastic cup, this is where the earbud will be glued on, the cup will help amplify the sound and make the sound wawes bounce of the edges which will help create a surround sound effect. The sponge helps in keeping your ears comfortable and so that the plastic cup will not hurt your ears.

Tip : When I tried to cut out a hole with a scissors on the bottom of th cup the whole plastic cup cracked, so then I used a hot knife to melt the plastic and make a hole, I used a candle and heated up the knife.The hole we made in the center of the earpiece should be big enough so that we can fit the back of the cup inside the earpiece.Then hot glue or use normal glue to apply all around the cup to make them strong and sturdy, we do not need to worry if it does not look good because it will go inside the earpiece and will be unnoticable.

Step 5: Making the Headband

In this step we will be making the headband that will hold the earpieces on your head...

First we need to cut a long strip of cardboard, it needs to be about 3-5 cms wide and the length is decided by the size of your head.
To measure it all you need to do is take the cardboard strip and put it around your head till the back of your ears and cut it at that length.

Then you will need to cut cardboard pieces 3-5 cms wide as wide as your main strip is and then about 2-3 cms lengthwise, you will need to cut a lot of these pieces.

Then you will need to take those pieces and glue them on the strip leaving about half a cm space between each and every piece, then do the same on the other side but make sure the pieces on the top side align with the pieces on the bottom side as well.

Then make sure that all the pieces bend by placing it on your head and pressing it so that it folds automaticaly to the shape of your head.

If you do not understand what I am saying have a look at the pictures and all the problems will be solved automatically.

Step 6: Preparing the Earbuds

There isn't any electronic stuff in this instructable the only sort of electronics related part is that you will need to make sure that your headphones are working and they play loud enough so that you can hear something...

I found out that there was a huge layer of plastic just stuck on the jack of my earbuds so I decided to remove it and removed it with pliers and it came out fairly easily.

Then I decided to remove the sponge on top of the earbuds so that the sound would not be reduced!

With this I was ready with my earbuds...

Step 7: The Painting Job!

Now we are done with making all the parts and pieces and now we need to spray paint them in our desired colors.

I decided to spray paint the headband silver, the earpads silver and the background of the extension silver, then I spray painted the earpieces yellow and the extension yellow.

Then I used some black paint and painted the earbuds wire black because they were sort of brownish when I bought them.

After you are done with the spray paint job your parts and pieces will look like the pictures in this step!

Tip : I figured out that the easiest way to spray paint all my parts and pieces was to tie them all to strings and attach them to my clothes hanger and then just spray paint them from all directions and they dried fast, before this I just put them in a box and spray painted them and I had to turn them each time to cover all the angles so it was sort of a fail...

Step 8: Attaching Everything Together!

This is the last step in the making of this project...

So to start of we need to take one of the earbud and insert them throught the slot of the earpiece and the get them out of the hole we made in the center of the earpiece.

Then we need to get the earbud inside the back hole of the earpad plastic cup and then hot glue it near the inside of the cup.
Then we will need to attach the earpad on the earpiece (On the side with the hole)

Then we will need to take the extension and attach it on the front side of the earpiece (Opposite side of the side of the center hole)

Then the last thing to do is to take the headband and attach it on the earpad, what I did was sanded the sponge a little on the top and then hot glued the headband's edge to the sanded part.

Then we will need to repeat all this on the other earpiece and with this you will be done with the headphones!

Congrats, you have now made the instructables robot headphone!

Have a look at the pictures to see how it will look after you are done with this step!
If you will make this please post pictures of your version in the comments as I would love to see what you have made!

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    Glad you think its cool! Took some time to make but it was worth every second!


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    Nice, but those are huge and might hurt your ears after a while.

    You should try making these out of headphone speakers instead of earbud speakers.

    Good job though!


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    The idea at first was meant to use speakers but I did not have any in hand so I just used earbuds...And no they do not hurt your ears as they are very light....I always use them to listen to anything! They are on my head almost all day long!