Instructables Robot Nail Art!

Introduction: Instructables Robot Nail Art!

I love nail art and I love Instructables, so I've decided to combine them! The color scheme is so pretty, and the art itself is SO easy! This is a great conversation piece and such a pretty way to show your Instructables love!!

I apologize for the lack of clarity in some photos, I'm really in need of a new camera! All the more reason to keep on voting for me please! :)

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together!

First we need to get our stuff! Here's what you'll need for this project:

Yellow nail polish, (preferably more of a mustard, but neon would really make it bright and vibrant!)
Black nail polish
Red nail polish
Clear coat nail polish (optional, but preferable)
Nail detail brushes or detail paint brushes
Somebody with long bare nails to practice on if you have short nails like me!

Step 2: First Coat!

Start by painting your nails yellow, this may require two steps depending on the quality of the nail polish that you are using. Any nail polish that drips onto your finger can be removed with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, but only after the polish has dried.

Step 3: "Eye" Love This, Don't You?

Allow 10-15 minutes for the polish to dry. It may be hard, but try to keep from testing to see if they're done. This stamps your fingerprint into the coat and damages it.

After it dries, carefully paint the tip of your detail brush with the red nail polish brush. You want a little bit of a glob, but not enough to take over your nail!!

Gently dab one red circle on the left side of the nail, with the remaining paint on the brush, add a smaller one next to it. I recommend referring to the Instructables logo above for reference as you paint!

Step 4: Line Time!

After that coat has dried, run your detail brush around the rim of the black polish bottle. By doing this, you're lightly coating the brush without coating it too much. 

Carefully paint a straight line across the top of your fingernail, it should slightly overlap the larger eye.
Create a second line under the eyes, this is the mouth!

Step 5: Voila!

For the last step, paint two little yellow dots in the center of the red eyes. They can be a little off center, just like his/hers (i don't know!) !!

This art looks best on longer fingernails, so if you bite yours (like me!), don't worry. I'm sure everyone will want to wear this pattern!

After all the paint has dried, which can take a while but is worth it, I recommend painting a protective clear coat on top. A clear coat preserves and protects the nail, keeping it from fading and chipping, which means you can wear it longer!!
You can paint this as a single accent nail, or on all of your nails, it's up to you!!

I hope that you enjoyed this Instructable! I've officially made it a goal to become a Makerlympian!!

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    Again we'll done I love all ur designs