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This is an instructable showing you how you can make your very own Instructables Robot model
i used photoshop elements to create the net for the model and to colour it and add details, overall this took me about a day to design but it will only take you about 5-10 minutes to make

I hope you enjoy it !

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Step 1: Equipment + Tools

This instructable doesn't require many tools so all you need is:
-- 1 Paperclip
-- Glue (any kind)
-- Scissors / Craft knife
-- A Printer
-- One sheet of paper

Step 2: Printing the Net

The first thing you need to do is print off the net for the model
you can download it below, There are two options, you can either download the yellow and orange robot or a blank template so you can colour it in yourself !
when you click print make sure you check the "center image" box and don't check the scale to fit box or the image will become distorted.

Step 3: Cutting Out

Now you have printed your net you need to cut it out. The grey bits around the edge of the net are the tabs, don't cut them off !!

Be careful on this step and go slow, its very annoying when you cut the wrong bit and have to start again !!

When you are cutting out the legs don't cut around the wheel or Robot will fall over, look at the 2nd pic and cut it out like i did.

Step 4: Folding the Net

Now you have cut the net out you need to fold all the edges of the net, this will make it alot easier when you start to glue it all together.

Once you have folded all the edges and tabs, try to hold it all in place and make sure that you have folded all the bits you need to. (look at 2nd pic)

Step 5: Glue the Tabs

Now we can assemble the Robot,
Step by step glue one of the grey tabs and then attach it to the corresponding side, you can use the 2nd pic as a reference.
Look at the 3rd pic before you do the feet.
For the arms, put a small bit of glue at the top and attach to the sides of the body (pic 3,4)

Step 6: Robot Head Antenna

Take your paperclip and straighten it then gently push it through the middle of the red dots on the side of the robots head, you may want to create a small hole on the other side so its easier to push through

Step 7: Assemble Body Parts

First lets do the legs , glue both the tabs then position the legs on the bottom of the robot, the two inner tabs will have to overlap. The legs will have to be the same legnth or the robot will fall over so you may need to trim the bottom. (Pics 1,2)

Now we can stick the head on, first check the robots head is the right way up then put some glue on the bottom of the head and stick to the top of the body

If you haven't dont the arms yet do them now.

Step 8: !! FINISHED !!

Congratulations now you have the famous instructables robot right on your desk !
play with it , modify it, or even make a film :D

If you do make this it would be great if you could upload a photo of it and show us !!!
if you have any requests for different file-types or mod's then please ask i'd be happy to help :D

I hope you enjoy making this as much as i did creating it !!

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2 years ago

Nice instructable So cool on my desk :D


Reply 3 years ago

Thank you kiteman. Both of these are fantastic! :D


Reply 3 years ago

I didn't create either of them!


Reply 3 years ago

I just meant thanks for pointing me to the other one. And that I thought both were good. :)

dmalone 22

3 years ago

that is so cool


5 years ago

I made it but the legs


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That is like so easy to make I could make that in my sleep but it is CUTE I could tell my cusen to make that she would love to make that ill show her this and she will love it :)


7 years ago on Introduction

Just realised i have to go up to sainsburys to buy a glue stick, damn, back in 10 mins!


7 years ago on Introduction

Thanks! I have just printed it and am looking forward to making it, thanks again


8 years ago on Step 8

i just amde one and it is awesome and really fun thankz!