Instructables Robot Patch Pocket



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First off, I'll state the obvious. I'm terrible at sewing. This is more just an idea than a guide. I'm sure if you are actually good at sewing, this would be an easy and practical little project and shouldn't take more than a half hour at most to make.

What you need:

-An Instructables Robot patch

-A needle and thread

-A backpack or something else to sew the patch to

It's pretty straight forward. All you really need to do is find a good place for the patch/pocket and sew it in place, leaving an opening in the top for access to the pocket.

Then just thread your needle and sew it on! Then you've got a handy little built in pocket for whatever you want! I just use it to hold my iPod Shuffle, and it works perfectly for that.

I'm overseas at the moment and only had a small mending kit with limited thread, so that's why I had to use 3 different colours haha. It's definitely not the best sewing job, but it serves it's purpose!




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