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Here's a plastic canvas sewing I did of the Instructables Robot!
The head isn't that great, but it's still cool to me. :-)
It looks just like the Instructables Patch. Except bigger.

Yarn I Used

  • Head/ Arms/ Legs: Dark Yellow yarn. (Got from my teacher at school.)
  • Eyes: Red. It was done in the method of the French Knot. (Got it from my teacher at school, she showed me how to do the French knot too.)
  • Ear cap things: Darkish Brown/ red/ orange mix. (Got from my teacher at school.)
  • Body: Yellow. FASHION KNIT Yarn. (Got from 99 cent store.)
  • Body Knobs: Lightish brown/ grayish. (Got from my teacher at school.)
  • Wheels: Dark gray. (Got from my teacher at school.)
  • All the white stuff in the back: FASHION KNIT Yarn, white color. (Got from 99 cent store.)
  • Small black outlines: skinny black yarn. (Got from my teacher at school.)
  • Outline: FASHION KNIT Yarn, orange color. (Got at 99 cent store.)

All the stuff from my teacher, I don't know the name of the yarn.

Why I Made It

I made this because I love Instructables, and I want to add more of Instructables to my room and stuff, and I just like the joy of sewing it.


Simple plastic canvas sewing method.
The eyes where made with the French Knot method.

Next Time

If I do this next time, I definitely want to do it much bigger, and it will look much better and cooler too.

If I win this, most of the money for the yarn will go to my aunt, who LOVES to knit/ crochet/ plastic canvas sew. Maybe some of the money will go to me too, but I know she loves this kind of stuff.

I hope you like it!




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    5 years ago

    Love it I made a bunch of small ones and used them for coasters

    Charles IV

    11 years ago on Introduction

    That's awesome! I gotta latch hook the Robot and make a carpet!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    You should frame this! I cross stitch, and even the simplest things look awesome when they're framed. Good job!!!!

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Aww, it's cute! I really must make mine this weekend. I think I'm going to be lining the sewn version with black, too. I want to make sure it looks sketchy like the drawing. So we had the same idea there. :P

    1 reply