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This little fella can make your life easier by holding your Smartphone wherever he sits. Vertically or horizontally.
He can also add a nice touch to your flat, looking so confused and clumsy. Just like we all are sometimes.

It's a very quick project!

small vid:


Step 1: Idea

Two weeks ago I went to Fab Lab Berlin (a great Maker Space here in Berlin) and had to do some work.
This time my girlfriend wanted to come along, so I had to find something to keep her busy. She said she wanted a Phone Stand for her Xperia Z3+, so I decided to quickly design something that would do the job. Since both of us love the look of that cute little instructables robot, that was the the direction the design should refer to.
Ten minutes later the design was finished (thank you Fusion 360!) and I could give the job of printing the fella to my girlfirend. She also did the finishing.

What more can I say? It was such a quick project, and she loves it and uses it regularly!

Step 2: Design & Print

The design was done in Fusion 360. It's the perfect App for projects like this one. Intuitive and versatile.
The design took me max. 10 minutes, and I could prepare it for 3D printing (generate an STL file) straight in the same App.

Afterwards the design was printed in PLA on a Makerbot Replicator 2x, but any 3D Printer should do the job. I even had quite some wrong tweaks applied to the printer (way too high temperature, ...) but it still turned out ok. Trust me, your prints will look cleaner than mineVery carefree STL file! However, if the printer is tuned very badly, you have more post-treatment to do (sanding, sanding and even more sanding).

Once the print is sanded to your liking, you just have to paint it in acrylic and add the details (like that baffled face of his). I added some layers of primer before painting, just to be sure not to have any issues with white shine-throughs or adherence.
Of course it is better to use a filament that has the color the robot is supposed to have, but i only had white filament at that point.

And that's it!
Now it's time to make your own! I would love to see some of you making this design, or changing the design and sharing it with us.

You can find the STL file here on Thingiverse:

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    2 years ago

    Voted. You had to find something to keep your girlfriend busy? Really?! Hmm...well, the robot came out Great! I love him! I can't believe how quickly you designed him. Great job. Thank you for sharing. Keep that girl busy! Ha ha


    2 years ago

    nice and fun idea! voted


    2 years ago

    This is really cute :)