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Introduction: Instructables Robot Static Window Cling

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I was wondering what will be my next instructable and I came up with a Static Window cling of the Instructables Robot. Static window clings are adhesive free. They stick to smooth and flat glass surface by their static property.

So, the science behind Static cling goes like this.

The Basic law of science states that the 'Unlike charges attract'. When conditions are dry and two different types of materials comes in contact with each other, there will be exchange of charges between them. This will leave one material to be positively charged and the other, negatively charged. Thus in this way they cling to each other which is called static cling.

Hope you like the idea of static window clings.

Now lets see how to create a Instructables Robot Static Window Cling.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Here I have used ziploc cover as the base which clings to the window panes. I have used glue + Fabric paint to create the Instructables robot design.

Instructables Robot Template

Fabric Paint

Glue (Fevicol)


Ziploc Cover

Damp Cloth

Step 2: Get the Template Ready

Place the Instructables Robot template inside the Ziploc cover. Place them secure inside. This will serve as a reference to paint the robot.

Step 3: Outline

For the outline mix glue and some Black Fabric paint.

Add the black paint till you get the desired color. Now start doing the outline.

I started from the head and then to the body and legs. Let it dry for 15 minutes.

Step 4: Red Eyes

The red eyes are the highlight of the Instructables robot.

Mix some glue and red paint till get the right shade of red.

Fill the head phones and the eyes with the brush. Let it dry for few minutes.

Step 5: Yellow

Mix some glue and yellow paint till get the right shade of yellow.

With he brush paint the entire body. Let it dry for 15 minutes.

It need to dry really well, before painting any thing else.

Step 6: Now for the Buttons and the Wheels

After the whole thing has dried, go for the buttons.

Mix some glue and brown paint till get the right shade of brown.

Paint the buttons.

Mix some glue and grey paint till get the right shade of grey.

For grey you can eve use glue + small amount of black paint.

Remove the template. At the end you paint the portion which needs retouch.

Step 7: Make a Square Frame

Now when the whole paint has dried up, cut a square out of the ziploc cover. This will serve as a frame.

Mix glue and Golden glitter Fabric paint.
Along the edge paint the frame with the golden color. Let it dry.

Step 8: Clings

Now for the cling part!

Take a wet cloth and wet the window. There should be droplets of water on the window.

Only then the static cling will work.

With the good side of 'ibles robot cling facing you place the cling on to the wet window.

You will see immediately the cling sticks on to the window without adhesive due to the static property.

Rub the sides to remove any sir bubbles.

That's it! Enjoy your Instructables Robot Static Window Clings.

This type of static cling works well for a pleasant and normal climatic conditions. The main advantage of static clings are that their position can be changed easily.

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