Instructables Techtorial

Introduction: Instructables Techtorial

This will show you how to use and interact with the instructables website. Instructables is a website that is filled with step by step tutorials that show you things that you can make and share with other people so they can also build or share your idea. This website can have many benefits in your community by sharing ideas that can make your house more efficient. And it can help you create things that will make public events more fun and interesting! You can also create a profile to share your ideas and give feed back on others. You do not need software or hardware to open Instructables, all you need is a computer and internet connection.

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Step 1:

This is probably the easiest step because by now, you are already on the website. To get to the Instructables website you must open the internet and copy the URL below. Once you have copied the URL press enter and enjoy the world of Instructables!


Step 2: How to Sign Up.

Creating an account with Instructables will allow you to create your own Instructable and comment on others, and much more.
To sign up click  "sign up" in the top right corner of your screen, this will appear next to the log in button. A screen will appear giving you many different options. The options vary from a Pro Account which will cost money, to a free account that limits you from viewing eBooks, PDF Downloads, all steps viewing, private Instructables, Author intro, and there is more advertising. Click on the option you want and enter the information it asks (some information, such as the zip code, is optional). Once all your information is entered press the orange sign up button.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Profile

Once you are logged in press the "you" button . You are now in your profile, if you want to change your profile picture press the "change images" button under the picture of the hand, then choose your image from your computer or the internet. Customizing your shortcuts can help you navigate to different parts of the website with one click. To do this press the "shortcuts" button at the top right of your screen next the "you" button, then press customize. You are able to choose five options that will appear when you press you shortcut button. If at any time you want to change your settings such as your password just click on "you" then "settings" and change what you wish. If you want to change your name click on the box on the bottom of the page and type in your new name.

Step 4: Explore, Comment and Like

Once your profile is set up it is time to explore! Press the explore button and select the subject you want to explore. Once you are at your at your desired subject you can click on the options that appear on the side to explore a more detailed subject within the bigger one. Click on an Instructable and learn knew things. If you have a Pro membership you will be able to favorite an Instructable so you can view it from your profile. Anyone with a profile, pro or not can comment on an Instructable. To comment scroll to the bottom of the Instructable and you will see people who have alredy commented, click on the "add comment" button and type our comment then submit it. You can also rate an Instructable to give feedback to the creator.

Step 5: Create Your Own Instructable.

This may be the trickiest step. To create your own Instructable go to "create" either on the top left of you screen or from your profile. You have three options once you are there, I will show you the most common type, and all the other types can be incorporated into the step by step Instructable. Once you have clicked on "step by step" you will see a couple boxes, the first box is there to type up a description of your Instructable. One box lower is where you add your title, Below that is where you give a more detailed description of the Instructable and the materials needed to build/ do it. In the top of that box you can click on a variety of options to custimize your Instructable such as bold your text italicize your text, add a link, get rid of a link, remove format, and embed a video. In the lowest box you will have more options to upload a picture, video or file. To upload a file such as a picture or video click on the "upload files" button and find the file you would like to use, then click on "upload files."
To add a step scroll to the top and click on the "add step" button." Each step is the same as the first in how to build it. Add your title, description/steps and add your image. When you are done with all your steps press "save" and then "publish" then click on the subject that your Instructable best fits in.

Step 6: Publishing and Contests

To publish your Instructable, you push the "Publish" button on the editing page. Then, you get some options. You should type in some Keywords so people can find it easier. Then, check a category that the Instructable fits in. After this is done, scroll down more. There are 2 more options before contests. You use the sliding bar to indicate the price and difficulty of this project the Instructable is on. Once you see the contest options, you check all of the contests you want to enter your Instructable in. Scroll all the way to the bottom and push "Yes, publish my Instructable!" Also, at any time you can go back to a published Instructable and "Save Changes" or "Unpublish this Instructable!"

Step 7: Privacy Policy

Instructable's Privacy policy runs through the company Autodesk. Autodesk's privacy policy says that it will not share any personal information unless you give the okay to. Autodesk protects your personal information through a something called Secure Sockets layer encryption technology. Click on the link below to see the Instructables privacy policy.

Step 8: NETS Standards

NETS stands for National Educational Technology Standards. Instructables can be categorized under many of these standards including, Creativity and innovation, Communication and collaboration and Critical thinking. Click on the link below to see more.

Step 9: Where to Find Instructables

Instructables has reached beyond their website and gone to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter you can follow their Tweets and on Facebook you can like their fan page.

Step 10: Citations

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Step 11: Tip Sheet

Tip sheet

Q: Can this tool have a positive effect on anyhting?

A: Instructables can help your community by making your house more efficient to save money, or help generate ideas to raise money or make public events more fun.

Q: Do you need any hardware or software to use this tool?

A: None, if you have a computer and internet you are all good.

Q: What NETS student standards can this tool be classified under?

A: Creativity and innovation, Communication and collaboration and Critical thinking.

Q: What tool did you choose?

A: Our tool is Instructables, this website allows you to view, create and interact with different parts of the website including, creating an Instructable, customizing a profile and talking with other users.

Q: How can I open Instructables at school or at home?

A: To open Instructables at school or home you need a computer and internet, also Instructables is not Deep nined so it can open on almost any computer.

Q: Do you need to download anything to use the tool or is it web based ?

A: No downloading needed, Instructables is web based.

Q: how do you set up an account

A: To set up an account press “sign up” and follow the instructions, for more information on how to use the Instructables website view the Instructable entitled “Instructable techtorial.”

Q: Where else is this web 2.0 tool found?

A: Instructables can be found on facebook and Twitter.

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    4 Discussions

    Phil B
    Phil B

    8 years ago on Introduction

    You mentioned the Instructables community sharing ideas, etc.among themselves; but, what amazes me is disproportionate the number of people who find my published Instructables through web searches when looking for a solution to a problem in contrast to the number of the Instructales community who look at my submissions. A few people of whom I know joined Instructables because they were looking for a solution to a problem I had provided in one of my published Instructables. It is not a big deal, but it feels good when it happens.

    I thought you might discuss the differences in licensing agreements. I always accept the basic arrangement that makes the Instructable available to all without much of any individual rights. Benjamin Franklin made his inventions available to the public for the benefit of humanity. I have long felt that is not a bad thing, and I could do that with anything I had that was unique. Of course, thing that came into my mind were often also discovered by others and were not anything totally unique to me.

    I wish you well with your school project.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Who is "Yetizap", and why did you use their "You" page in step 3 instead of your own?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a school project on how to use a web 2.0 tool and he was my project partner. we used his you page so that we could take the picture on his computer and put them on the instructable on my computer.