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Introduction: Instructables Wallet Pendant

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Turn your Instructable Patch into a wallet pendant using the 3D printed STL file attached in the step below.

The STL file is designed attached in the next step is designed so that you can hold atleast 4 cards(say your debit/credit card,Drivers licence and work/student Id) and few currency notes folded over.The cards are easy to remove as shown in the GIF picture above.

This ible was inspired from the The Instructables Mini Wallet by AngryRedhead >> "BEHOLD! Robot can do much more than look after Instructables - he can look after your money (credit cards, gift cards, and old student ID)!"

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Step 1: 3D Print the STL File Attached

Download the 3D printing software that your printer supports, in my case I am using the Printrbot Simple Metal which use Repetier-Host as a software to

  • Slice the STL files attached,which basically means cutting the part into various layers
  • And send commands to the 3D printer while printing

In my case I am using the following filaments HATCHBOX 1.75mm Orange PLA

Download the STL file attached

  • slicing should take about a 23-25 seconds
  • and printing should take about 25- 30 mins.

Step 2: Use a Set of Plier to Remove the 3D Printed Supports

Use a set of pliers to remove the support which were part of the 3D print as show in the picture above.

You will have to remove supports from 4 places as marked in the first picture above.

Warning: Please do not use knife,as you could hurt yourself.

Step 3: Using the Wallet

Congratulations! You just built your own Pendant wallet .Using the Wallet is simple as shown in the picture above.

The wallet has about 7mm of space between the 3D printed base part and the instructable patch which means you can carry about 5 cards comfortably. OR card 3 cards with about 4 to 5 currency notes.

I have been using this wallet as a daily driver for a couple of days now and carry my Drivers licence,Work Id and a Credit card and 3 currency note just in case. The only pitfall is that I cannot carry quarter coins which is kind of a must have were I live, to pay for parking.Hmm.. may be that why we have the top Jean pocket !!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thought this will be very handy for people who need to use both hand and don't want to carry a big bag-pack. Also I can use my office batch to hide what I am carrying behind it.