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It's my handwork and loveable doll . I accepted , it isn't similar instructables robot total . But it's look-like that . With this instruction you learn how to make a cheap and simple doll , look-like instructables robot or other shapes .

Step 1: Necessity Tools

1. A average sponge
2. Color sprays : Orange (or lemon-colored) , Silver , Red
3. A big blade
4. Buttons : 2 big , 3 small (similar)
Big buttons : Red color , small buttons silver color - If you haven't such buttons you should do Step6 .
5. Toothpick : 2 digit
6. Liquid glue
7. A Black marker

Step 2: Make a Body

Draw a body draft on your sponge with a pen . I used this sizes for body :
Height : 8cm
Bottom side : 11cm
Over side : 6cm
Right and left sides : 9cm
Now cut it from your sponge with a blade . For better result , use a sharp and big blade .

Step 3: Make a Head

Draw a head body draft on your sponge with a pen . I used this sizes for head :
Over side : 5cm
left sides : 5cm
right side : 5.5cm
Bottom side : 5.5cm
Cut it with a blade , example body . Then cut it from third . You need big piece . Now your work should look picture 4 .

Step 4: Make Hands and Legs

Make 2 hand and 2 foot . They are oblong . I used this sizes for them :
Hands : 5*4 cm
Legs : 6*4 cm
Cut them from your sponge . Now you should have : a head , a body , 2 hands , 2 legs . It look picture 3 .

Step 5: Paint the Limbs

Paint the head , body , hands and legs with orange spray . I put a newspaper under them to protect the work surface . If you have lemon-colored , use it for body . And color other pieces orange .

Step 6: Paint the Buttons

Do this step , if your buttons haven't your favorite color .
Paint the big buttons with Red spray and the small buttons with silver spray .

Step 7: Glow the Limbs

Glue the limps with fluid glue . Glue the head on body . And the hands in right and left . I glue the legs horizontal , because it can make equivalence for sit .

Step 8: Glue the Buttons

Glue the buttons with liquid glue example limps . Glue the red buttons on head and the Silver buttons in middle of body .

Step 9: Make the Ears

Make the ear with tooth brush . Thrust the tooth picks in right and left side of head . Then Paint a small side of ear with Red spray .

Step 10: Mouth and Other Sections

Draw this lines with a Black marker : a mouth , a oblong over Silver buttons , and a line in bottom of body with a few dot under it .
Now your doll is ready , Enjoy !

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