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Introduction: Instructables Necklace

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In this instructables , you learn how to make a Instructables necklace . That can make in other faces . You can make it with other pictures and materials . That can change to your favorite design !

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Average wood : 6.25 * 5 cm (It should be as size as your picture)
Instructables sticker or other pictures . You can find or print your favorite picture .
Thread or rope : About 120 cm (for average length)
Coping saw

Step 2: Draw Your Necklace

Put your sticker or picture on your wood and draw around the picture with a pencil , pallid .

Step 3: Cut Your Draw

Cut your draw with a coping saw . You should be careful . if not , your blade may be break . Divide your necklace wood .

Step 4: Stick Your Sticker !

Stick your Instructables sticker on the wood . Or if you use any pictures , stick it on the wood with a few glow .

Step 5: Make a Hole

Make two small hole in top of wood , with a nail . They should be near .

Step 6: Make Your Rope

Your rope size is smaller or larger than other persons . It change for your length and the size of your neck . you should emaciation it with a thread . Then cut your right thread , and connect it to your wood’s holes .
Your handmade necklace is ready !

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Don't forget to sand it all nice like, and possible put a cleat finish on, for protection. Always use protection.