Instructables Outro/intro Remake!


Introduction: Instructables Outro/intro Remake!

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Ok well everyone told me that the old one was to long and inspired me to make a new one... Here it is!
You may use this for your instructable videos! but please do not modify or say you made it!

Download link!!



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    its not a software its a site called its free and you can make a video short as long as 30 seconds without paying

    Great idea and thanks for creating it. It really will give the videos presented here a polished and professional appearance.

    I like the first five seconds of it. Could you offer a couple different versions? I think it's awesome, but also agree that 5-7 seconds is plenty!

    a nice clean style, but still too long in my opinion.
    Imagine that you (as the watcher) just finished viewing a neat instructable, you are about to close down the window when you see this awesome visual/audio outro, pretty awesome right? Well just like TV and radio you have a small window to make your mark, this is a supplement to an instructable and should be quick.

    Check out other sites which use a similar model for intros to original online content (CH Bleep Bloop and ScrewAttack), they are sharp and over before you know it.
    Cut it down to 7-10 seconds and you have yourself something very sharp!

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    thanks for the great feedback! and yeah its maybe a little to long but I made it a lot shorter then the other one I made that was about 30 seconds!

    nice, i think it runs better when its shorter. Ill put this in my next video