Instruction on How to Make Pearl Flower Bracelet With Yellow 2-Hole Seed Beads




Introduction: Instruction on How to Make Pearl Flower Bracelet With Yellow 2-Hole Seed Beads

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Today’s Pandahall tutorial will show us the details on how to make pearl flower bracelet with yellow 2-hole seed beads. Have a nice try if you are interested in it.

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Step 1: Materials for Pearl Flower Bracelet With Yellow 2-hole Seed Beads:

6mm White Glass Beads Strands

Brass Jump Rings

0.3mm Lightgrey tiger tail

5x3.5x3mm Yellow 2 -Hole Seed Beads

2x2mm Purple Glass Round Seed Beads

Tibetan Style Toggle & Tbar

8mm Glass Round Beads Strand

Golden Eyepins

Chain Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers


Step 2: Make a Basic Flower Beaded Pattern

1st, cut off a piece of long tiger tail and thread four 5x3.5x3mm yellow 2-hole seed beads through the left holes, a 2-hole seed bead through the right hole, a 2-hole seed bead through the left hole, four 2-hole seed beads through the right holes in order;

2nd, cross the both wires through the fourth seed beads;

3rd, slide a 6mm glass bead onto both wires and cross two wires through the opposite yellow seed bead with the inside hole and tighten it.

Step 3: Make More Flower Beaded Patterns

1st, thread one piece of wire through the outer hole of the yellow seed bead and slide a 2x2mm glass round seed bead;

2nd, thread the wire to another yellow seed bead and continue to add a purple seed bead;

3rd, continue to thread the wire through one yellow seed bead and one purple seed bead until the beaded pattern has been finished, then cut off the extra wire;

4th, make another 12 same flower beaded patterns.

Step 4: Finish This Flower Beaded Bracelet Pattern

1st, make many 8mm glass beads dangles with eyepins and connect it with flower pattern;

2nd, connect four flower beads patterns with four glass dangles, then connect all of them together in this way;

3rd, add Tibetan style toggle and bar on the two ends of the bracelet and connect the two ends.

Step 5: Here Is the Final Look of the Yellow Seed Beads Bracelet:

Actually, you can finish it alone if you have mastered the skills of flower beaded pattern making. So just follow this tutorial and do it step by step, then it can be done quickly. Do you want to try it? Please do not share us your pretty works then!

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