Instructions on How to Make Kid’s Easter Eggs Made From Faux Suede Cords




Introduction: Instructions on How to Make Kid’s Easter Eggs Made From Faux Suede Cords

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Are you interested in crafts for kids? If yes, I believe you won’t miss today’s Pandahall tutorial on how to make kid’s Easter eggs made from faux suede cords~

Step 1: Materials Needed for the Kid’s Easter Egg:


3mm mix color faux suede cords

13mm lace flower trim

8mm white pearl cabochons

pink ribbon

1.5mm green aluminum wire


white glue

side cutting pliers

Step 2: Make the Easter Egg

1st, paste the colorful faux suede cords on the egg with white glue and then trim off the excess cords;

2nd, paste the lace flower trim on the middle part of the egg;

3rd, continue to paste the pink bow and pearl cabochon under the lace flower trim.

Step 3: Make the Aluminum Wire Tray

1st, twist the green aluminum wire as a tray like below;

2nd, put the ready egg on the aluminum wire tray.

Step 4: Here Is the Final Look of the Easter Egg for Kids:

Wow, how lovely it is! It looks really eye-catching! If you love the Easter egg and wanna try to make it, just do it! And if you have any confusion, please feel free to ask me or leave a comment. Wish you a nice day~

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