Insulate Your Outdoor Heatpump




If you have an old one piece heat pump that sits outside your house and is tasked with keeping your house cool in the summer, it could probably benefit from additional insulation.

Materials Needed:
1 roll heavy duty aluminum foil.
scrap foam or Styrofoam
duct tape

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Step 1: Position and Tape Down Your Foam on to the Heatpump.

I insulated the section that felt cool to the touch when running, cause it meant that I was cooling something that was being heated by the sun.

most old heat-pumps are in the shape of a box with a round fan molded to the end of it. We are going to insulate the box part.

tape your foam to the surfaces that feel cool to the touch, or if you have had the panels off, put your foam on the surfaces that cover the air handler.

I deconstructed an old foam drink cooler for my insulation panels.anything from 1-3" thick will work.

Step 2: Cover the Foam With Aluminum Foil

Cover the foam with aluminum foil, and seal it up with duct tape. careful, you can get a nasty paper cut from the aluminum foil.

when I did this little modification, my house temp went down by 2-3 degrees.

Optionally, you could also paint the fan shroud and any other exposed metal with white spray paint.

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    3 years ago

    What brand is your heat pump? I have a business that has that same outdoor heat pump on the roof. And the brand name is illegible, and i need a new motor for it.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    no, wait, i think it was a whirlpool.