Insulated Window Cover (low Cost)

Introduction: Insulated Window Cover (low Cost)

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In this Instructable I will show you how I made a very low cost window covering.

If you have read my other Instructables the story is a cold bedroom and trying to get it warm on a budget, so I wont bore you with the details.

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Step 1: Step 1 What You Will Need

First off look through your belonging and see if you have a spare comforter, bed spread, blanket etc. I find FULL SIZE is usually good depending on height and width of the window.

I personally went shopping at the thrift store. I found two items. one a used sleeping bag, that ended up in the second bedroom, and two a used comforter that was light weight but very warm.

You will need clips to attach these to either a curtain rod or vertical blind tracks.

The green clips shown were purchased at Home Depot for 38 Cents each + Tax. I bought 12 to make things easy and secure.

I had $7 in the comforter and less than $6 in clips. Im sure that in the two winters since doing this I have saved my $13 back over and over in this one room, not to mention the warmth and comfort.

Step 2: Step 2 Installing the Comforter

I have as I mentioned, vertical blinds. The rod is very securely attached to the wall, make sure your are as well before you proceed.
I simply took the comforter and clipped it to the front of the vertical blind channel after making sure the blind was pulled.

** our apartment complex requires that all windows present a matching color of white to the outside. pulling the blind was the best way to stay in compliance with this.

I know this is not a rocket science instructable, but having a second person to hold the comforter while the other one clips it on, really makes it go faster and much easier.

Step 3: Step 3 Air Gaps

I have an air gap on the sides of the hanging comforter since I am clipped to the vertical blind rod and also have a window sill at the bottom to contend with.

My dear friend in Michigan is an appliance repair man that works on TV, Radios, and all other appliances. The business he works for not only delivers new items and sets them up, but they also will take the old one away.

Often he takes parts from and old one and fixes it up and they sell it as used to those who for what ever reason choose not to buy new. If an old item is not repairable, any usable parts are removed and reused in order to keep potentially dangerous items out of landfils and dumps.

I say all that to say this: My friend often takes high power ceramic magnets out of non repairable microwave ovens. You will see them pictured here. As many of you know, when A house is built all corners around windows, and doors have a metal angle shaped peice of metal to protect the corner from scratches, gouges, and chips in the plaster or gypsum board. As luck would have it, this is the case around my bedroom windows.

I obtained a few of these magnets from my friend and have used them to put over the comforter and air gap. The magnet is so strong it will go through the comforter and stick to the metal window/ wall junction with some slight adjustments to the comforter thickness. This in turn reduces if not eliminates the gap where air can flow in with ease.

If you choose to open the window covering during the day its just a matter of moving the magnet until you choose to re seal it.

Step 4: Step 4 Hints and Results

Just a HINT, I found that a binder clip will hold vertical blinds in any position you choose in order to allow air, sun etc to have access to the room.

RESULTS: 15 minutes after the time of final install of the window treatment, I took a picture of the window thermometer. The temperature between the window and the covering was 50.4 degrees F. The outdoor temperature is 28F. The room temperature is 69 degrees F. I think the results speak for themselves. KEEP IN MIND This is the same window that recieved the weather stripping in a previous Instructable.

Comment or ask questions as you wish.

Stay warm!!

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