Insulated Cat House




Introduction: Insulated Cat House

Build a cat house for under $50.

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Step 1: Parts List

3/4" X 14-1/2" X 4' EPS insulation - 6 per package - 2 packages - The width varies slightly depending on the manufacturer.
Polystyrene Adhesive - 10 Oz. - 2 cartridges
Duct tape or Tyvek tape - 2"
Lawn and leaf, trash, recycling, drum liners, 45+ gallon or contractor bags and plastic drop cloth
Cardboard: 12"X 48" and Carpet: 12" X 48"

Caulking gun, scissor, pencil, yard stick, box cutter or utility knife

Step 2: Build the Box

Glue two sheets of insulation together. Add a third sheet.
Repeat until all four sides are made.
Butt two sides together and glue. Wrap entire butt joint with tape.
Repeat for remaining two sides.
Glue the two right angle parts together to form a square.
Wrap the two new butt joints with tape.
Wrap tape around the box at the ends and at the third points.
Add extra tape if any place needs it: the inside corners perhaps.

Step 3: Complete the Box

Get cardboard from a grocery store and make a floor. Four square feet are required: 12" X 48".
Place a large trash bag over one end and tie a knot or use a bag tie or twist tie.
Repeat on other end.
Cut a vertical slit in the bag at one end with a scissor.

Step 4: Complete the Project

Place the box outside on pavers, bricks or 2"X3"s. Place the plastic drop cloth around the box and weigh it down so that the wind doesn't move it.

This would work for any animal living outside that fits in the box.

Step 5: Recent Changes:

The roof of one box cracked. I flipped it upside down and it was good to go.

I returned to the store to get a new piece of insulation. They were out of stock. There was also a slight change in the name of the adhesive. Foamboard is the key term. Polystyrene is no longer part of the name.

I purchased pavers for a new tree pit but changed my mind and used them for these boxes, replacing the wood.

I also installed two-foot-wide carpet that curves up the sides. The cats seem to like this new addition.

I replaced the roof drop cloth and let it hang half way down the front entrance.

I replace the clear bags twice a year.

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