Integrated Car Vacuum Cleaner




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By switching your car ventilation fan into a vacuum cleaner.

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Step 1: A Dirty Interior

Sometimes it is ok to have a dirty car, but one day Freddie Mercury in his 'I Want to Break Free' vacuum cleaner comes along.

So instead of dragging your vacuum cleaner to your car, why not transform your car engineering, ... This concept I developed in 2010 for a contest for BMW AG, the images simulate an idea, it has not yet been set into reality.

Step 2: Switch

Here is the solution, get the hose, plug it in, switch the fan from blow to suck.

Step 3: Stylish and Practical

Back connection and dust bin removal.

A check valve and filter prevents blowing dust into your car interior when the fan ventilation is reswitched.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Sorry to burst your balloon, but the Honda Odyssey van already has a built-in vacuum that does not have to depend on or interfere with the car ventilation system. IMO, this is one case where the two functions are best kept separated. Why would you want any chance of dust particles, etc. contaminating the vents? Isn't it bad enough with the outside air? See

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi Omar, interesting feedback :-) However I had this idea launched in 2010, ...

    while Honda launched this in 2013, time to write a letter to Honda :-)

    But your comment did trigger me to do some research, appereantly

    there was also someone before me with a similar concept, but still different.

    About your concern on interference on my idea, the only interference is the fan motor.

    It is not the idea the use the same channel system, the switch activates valves,

    so the other channel system for cleaning is used,

    that is why the images show hose connections at the front, back and the dust bin.