Intel Edison IoT_Read Pressure Sensor and Logging Data to SD Card

Introduction: Intel Edison IoT_Read Pressure Sensor and Logging Data to SD Card

Hi, today I gonna show you how to log the sensor data in the SD card for deeper development. Last time, I have guide you to read the pressure sensor, now we will log this pressure sensor data. So you should checkout my last instructable for more detail of how to read sensor data in real-time:

Ok, so let's make it work!

Step 1: Parts You Need

You can choose the input signal by your own, or you can follow my other instructables to read data from any sensor you like. Now, I you will some extra part for logging the data, it an micro SD card. If you are already have the Grove IoT Kit, you sure to have the micro SD card with the adapter too.

That's all, now let's move to next step!

Step 2: Build the Data Logging System

The data logging system basically have 3 components: the input signal, the processor, and the storage.

- The input signal can be a sensor like pressure,temperature, sound,...In this project, I choose Freescale MPL3115A2 pressure sensor as the input signal. You can choose anything you want, then you just need to read it out and modify the code to log it into to SD card.

- The Grove IoT Starter Kits contains a 8GB micro SD Card and the Adapter too. Moreover, the Intel Edison Arduino Expansion Board also have the micro SD card module on board, yeah. So, you just need to plug and play in no time!

Now we jump to the code and run a demo!

Step 3: Run the Code, Enjoy and Discover!

Make sure you are already completed all the basic set up with Edison and computer. If you not so sure, please spend time check out the Getting Started Guide in Intel Maker or Instructable site, they have been well written and tested, so it's the best way for you to get used to the Arduino as well as Edison Linux OS.

Now, you should try to read a sensor so that we will have something to logging in. If you don't know where to start, you can take a look in my other projects for more ideas:

So, it's time for data logging!

First, download and run the Arduino Example code for data logging ( I have attached it in here).

Next, you should open the Serial Monitor and see the data flow. Then, remove the micro SD card, put it to PC via adapter and check it out. If all run well, you will see a text file named "datalog.txt". Open it, you will see the data flow was logged in lines. Tada, now you know how the data is logged.

Finally, for a full system development, I have modified the example and put real pressure sensor data in SD card. You can use it as your own purpose and spend less time figure it out!

Thanks for your patient in reading and follow me! Please tell me if you have any problems, suggestions, or questions, I sure to give you a hand! Good luck!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, this looks like an interesting project. I just have an issue that rgb_lcd.h cannot be found. Do you know why?