Intel Edison and Grove Sound Sensor - Send Message to Mobile Via MQTT

This project use a sound sensor to capture sounds and monitoring sound intensity, when the sound reaches a high level, the Edison sends a MQTT message thats will be displayed on the Mobiles and/or PCs subscribed on the same topic.

The message could be delivered by a Cloud Server or directly via local network.

To start plug your Grove Sound Sensor in the A0 pins of the analog port on the Arduíno.

After this plug the 2 USB cables to the MicroUSB Type B on the Edison board and on your computer USB.

Connects to your Edison via SSH:

$ ssh root@your_edison_name

Install and configure mosquitto service on Edison (I follow this tutorial):

Get the PIP package to manage python libs:

root@your_edison_name# wget

root@your_edison_name# python

Now that you have PIP, lets install the "mosquitto" python library:

root@your_edison_name# pip install mosquitto

And write the python script to put all together:



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