Intel Edison Gate Control

Introduction: Intel Edison Gate Control

Control gate with Intel Edison.

RFID tag + small car robot + gate with a servo motor + Edison connected to de cloud system + Edison to control the opening and closing gate + Edison to control the camera + Edison to control a system crash + Edison to calculate the energy consumption.


Upgrade de Yocto (Extended version to 1.5GB /root)

Link to file here

Unzip de file.

Copy the files do Edison external location

Access Yocto actual instaled

Running this command: reboot ota (Waiting de System Upgrade Version)


Connect 2 USB cables


ls /dev


screen /dev/tty.usbserial-?????? 115200 –L

User: root

Pass: null


configure_edison --setup

Set your pass

Configure your Pass

configure_edison --wifi

In the and you get the IP Adress


Installing git Client

echo "src all" >> /etc/opkg/git-repo.conf
echo "src x86" >> /etc/opkg/git-repo.conf

echo "src i586" >> /etc/opkg/git-repo.conf


Install nodeJS

echo "src intel-edison-repo" > /etc/opkg/opkg-repo-edison.conf

echo "src intel-edison-repo-all" > /etc/opkg/opkg-repo-all.conf

echo "src intel-edison-repo-core2-32"> > /etc/opkg/opkgrepocore2-32.conf

echo "src mraa-upm" > /etc/opkg/mraa-upm.conf

opkg update


opkg upgrade

opkg install nodejs


Installing Node Request

npm install request


Installing Node MQTT

npm install mqtt


Installing Node MOSCA
npm install mosca

Installing Node

npm install


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