Intel IoT Electrospinning System

Introduction: Intel IoT Electrospinning System

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The concept for which the intel edison is used to develop the electrospinning system with Intel IoT.

Step 1: Parts Included in the Design

The components which are required for this process. Relay: to control the power, Intel edison devkit to control all the peripherals, LCD to display the current value, Servo motor to move syringe, dc motor to rotate the drum, Temperature sensor to sense the surrounding temperature.

Step 2: Piston

The piston is arrange to push the syringe the mechanical movement make the solution to spray on the spin coater.

Step 3: Power Supply for DC Motors

The power supply for the gear motor is selected from the DC power regulator with various voltage levels.

Step 4: Connections

The sensors and actuators are connected to the Intel edison board through Grove kit. The components like Temperature sensor, LCD display, Relay, Button switch are used to this electrospinning system.

Step 5: System Requirements Fitted

The required components are connected and interface to the edison board and the gear motor is controlled with relay and button, LCD display is used to visualize the temperature values and the color of the LCD is change according to the temperature range.

Step 6: OverAll Setup

The edison board is connected to program the functioning of electrospinning system the all necessary components are attached to the board.

The hardware drivers and related documents can be found in the link.
Step by step run up for installation is given in the below link

Step 7: Programming the System

The required program is designed to control relay through button and temperature is recorded with temperature sensor and display on RGB LCD display.

The software files for reference are are available in the link.

Software can be done in Arduino IDE, the codes and details of senors can be find in the above link for different sensors and actuators.

Step 8: Program Transfer and Enable the System for Coating

The program is transferred to the edison board based on the sensor positions for the action.

The video give the detail functioning.

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