Intense Step Tabata Cardio

This intense high impact Tabata step workout is a great high intensity interval cardio training option. It uses 4 intense step exercises and tabata HIIT format to help you burn a lot of calories at the same time and also tone up your lower body muscles.

You can also modify this into beginner lower impact version and if you enjoy step workouts, then you may like this tabata step workout # 1 here with both low impact & high impact versions,

Workout details:

10 sec rest, 20 sec work, 8 rounds

rest for 30 to 60 sec then repeat up to 5 times

It should burn about 10 calories per min but it can change depends upon your weight, height, age, gender, and intensity.

Exercise details & time stamps:

1. Lunge Shuffles, 0:37 & 2:38

2. Jump On/Off, 1:11 & 3:09

3. Straddle Jump, 1:37 & 3:38

4. Hop Over Jump Back, 2:09 & 4:09

Hopefully you find this workout helpful and for more tabata HIIT cardio below:

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