Inter-Connected Audio/Video Setup

Introduction: Inter-Connected Audio/Video Setup

Hey, In this inscrutable you will learn how to connect your entire gaming/desk setup.

It is all powered by this little box that you can plug analog audio into and push the buttons on the front to change the input. It also contains a video connection but there is a down side, it only has SD video that is able to be out-putted. So if you want your HD video to work then it is worth picking up a HDMI splitter.

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Step 1: Cables You Will Need

There are only two main cables you will need to run the device but this can vary depending on how many devices you try to run with it, this particular model on accepts up to 4 audio and SD video and 2 HDMI Connections.

The cable with the inputs adapts to a male speaker jack so you can plug it into a device, you will also need the R audio, L audio and video cable.

You will need one pair of these per device (Plus another Female to Male if your speakers dont support the out put of the switcher)

Step 2: Lets Get Wiring

First Plug the adaptor cable into the device in my case an xbox, then plug the wires into the same color on the splitter. Do this for every device

Then plug your adaptor into your speaker and then into the splitter output located on the far right (And into the amp if you have one).

Step 3: Extra Step

If you want to have a subwoofer, tweeters or just an amp. Your in luck because you need more splitters.

Just Plug one into the subwoofer and one end into the treble speakers. If your amp has volume control it makes life a lot easier.

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