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You can ofcourse buy this item for small pets in stores for about $25, but where's the fun in that?

All it takes is a Pringles container, some stickers, a couple of handy tools and VOILA!

Stuff you need:

- Pringles Container (i actually used two so i have matching lids)

- Bowl for the Pringles (so we can munch on them later)

- Piece of sandpaper

- Powerdrill with 3 different sized drillbits (match the biggest one to the size of the pet food bits)

- Two rubber rings (buy them in any DIY store, take the container with you to match the size)

- If you can't get rubber rings, use a thin rubber tube or sealing strip

- Tape measure

- Cutting knife and cutting machine

- Scissors

- Metal ruler

- Adhesive plastic in the preferred color (also available in DIY stores)

- Your pet's favorite dry food

Step 1: Measuring

After you take out the Pringles and put them in a safe place for later, measure the length of the container as well as the circumference. Then, on the back of the adhesive plastic you draw 2 rectangles in those measurements.

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting

Cut out the rectangles and make sure that the measurements are correct. If not, trim to fit.

Step 3: Sticky Business

Remove a tip of the paper to reveal the sticky part of the plastic. Carefully place the beginning on the container, evening it out so no bubbles occur. Then slowly go around the whole container so you cover it completely in plastic. Make sure you keep a straight line so you don't go over the edges of the container. Don't throw the paper away, you'll need it in the next step!

Step 4: Cover Up (part 1)

Use the paper to cover up the plastic. Make sure it goes all the way around the container, but leave a tiny bit of space between the layers so you can move it around. This is needed for adjusting the size of the holes you're gonna make in the next step. We do this so you are not stuck on the size of the nibbles you put in later (some cats like to vary their food more than others). Stick together with some tape or leftover plastic for now.

Step 5: Cover Up (part 2)

Take the other piece of plastic and go around the container, sticking it neatly and without bubbles. When you reach the tape parts, carefully remove 1 and stick on the plastic diagonally. Then remove the other tape and finish. Trim off excess bits with a sharp knife.

Step 6: Drilling

With a marker you draw on the location of the holes. Don't make too many, i did 7 but i guess you can go up to 10. With the thin drill gently and very carefully drill out the holes. Don't put too much pressure on the container or it will dent. Repeat this with thicker and thickest drill.

Step 7: Trimming

Trim off all the dodgy bits inside and outside the container. Try to get as much as you can off! (ask somebody with small hands to try to clean up the inside if yours won't fit) Then with a black marker you can correct the bits that came off. Slide the top layer a bit so the holes fit the nibbles you wanna use.

Step 8: Assembly

Put the rubber rings at the top and bottom of the container. Put one lid at the bottom.

Step 9: Decorations

I cut out cat feet imprints to decorate my container but ofcourse you are free to think up any other stuff you like :-D I drew a kittyface on the top lid so i don't have to keep taking both of them off when it's time to refill.

Step 10: Munch Time!!

Fill 'er up and let 'er roll! Kitty will push against the container in order for nibbles to fall out and probably roll it around the entire room. So sit back, get your Pringles bowl you saved and enjoy watching the kitty!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! When Eny will be older (now she's 5 months old) I can do this for her. For now, my rotten spoiled kitty has food ever available.