Interactive Red Light Green Light Game in a Quilt

This quilt is a fully functioning Red Light Green Light game.  What's the purple light for, you ask? Disco! Each light comes on randomly for a random amount of time. If the red light is on and a player moves, the quilt detects that, thanks to a motion sensor, and all four lights flash.

The quilt border is made up of 40 machine-pieced snowball blocks. Acrylic paint was used for the title of the quilt. On the inner panel, the quilting was done with metallic threads in a pattern radiating from each "bulb" in the appropriate color. The bulbs are sheer fabrics stiffened with Paverpol over half-circle foam florist blocks. The inner panel, which is bordered on each side by velcro, lifts up to expose the wiring.

The last two pictures show the innards (not sure why they are sideways, I will work on that).   Each light has two to four LEDs connected by conductive thread couched down on the machine (and by upcycled wires to the Lilypad).The motion sensor is the white square in the green section. It's powered by a rechargeable battery.



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