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Introduction: Interactive Sound and Light Sculputre

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The following is a simple circuit and one way to use it, encased in Sugru.
Below was "supposed" to be the embedded video of this working, but I can not seem to embed the video :-(

Flash Animation

Step 1: Parts, Etc.

One 8 ohm speaker
one flashing or rainbow LED
490 ohm resister if more then 4.5 v used for source (which would go between the Source  
    and the LED).
one 4.5-9 vdc source
some wire
one lever switch, light touch (SPDT, or STSP normally on switch).
and a few small but high mH coils

Step 2: Construction

As seen in the Schematic, the circuit is simple enough.

The source voltage drives the flashing LED, which in turn charges the coil(s) (including the one in the speaker) and sending a single click to the speaker, the LED turns off on it's own, and the coil(s) magnetic field(s) collapse, and a second click is heard.

One thing I left out of the schematic was the switch I put in.  A very light touch lever switch was inserted between the power source and the coils. 

This was oriented on the bottom of the sculpture so that when lifted, the LED flashed and the speaker popped.

After everything was soldered in, and insulated, I pressed it all together and encased it wish Sugru.

The device remains off until lifted.

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