Interfacing Pro IR Array With Arduino

ProIR is an IR sensors array with 5 IR sensors and 3 Indicators LEDs specially designed to take perfect & clear readings for black and white surface at different heights and Light, The value difference between colors is very good as compared to the other available options, so your line following robot can follow the track more fast.

Step 1: Connecting Array With Arduino

You can connect your controller with array using 12 Male headers available at the left bottom side of the array.

Step 2: Pins Configuration

Step 3: Connect Pins of Array With Arduino As:

Step 4: Interfacing With Arduino

After connecting all pins as per described in pin Diagram with Arduino, you can get analog input from S1-S5 pins via AnalogRead Function, that analog reading will be changing clearly with change in surface color, it`ll be greater than 300 on black surface and less than 100 on white surface ( depending upon light conditions ). Pro IR array can give clear voltage difference at different height and light.

You can use 3 Available LEDs to check calibration of sensors without using Serial monitor.

Step 5: Arduino Sketch and Tutorial Video

Arduino Sketch is available here on this page with a video is attached to help you interfacing Array with Arduino,
for any queries regarding pro IR array you can contact me at :

Shah Fahad Ahmed,
Pro Code,
Karachi, Pakistan.

ProIR Array includes 5 IR sensors and 3 Indicators LEDs specially designed to take perfect & clear readings at different...

Posted by ProCode on Monday, December 24, 2018



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    4 weeks ago

    good work and very clean code.


    4 weeks ago on Introduction

    Great amazing work done coding and hardware both