Internal Usb Port

Introduction: Internal Usb Port

If you are like me and you build PCs from time to time or add functionality later like Bluetooth, Steam Controller, wireless keyboard and mouse. This is for those who want to gain the functionality and hide the dongles so it does not look like your case grew a bunch of things out of the USB ports. I had the ports laying aside from a case which I pulled parts from several months ago. I had a metal housing for the ports and an audio hookup. I did not need the audio so I just cut the cable with enough length left so I could solder it back together should I need it in the future. This is simple and aside from ordering the parts should take a person who knows what they are doing about 10 minutes to do this if one has all the parts.

Step 1: Get/order Your Parts

To complete this Instructable one will need the following:

1 set of USB female ports with a motherboard header on the opposite end. You can get these at the following link: There are two different types of header plugs one with small cables and another with a larger cable.

2 zip ties or screws or even tape what you want to do is ensure you have something to fasten the ports to your case.

1 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle

1 Steam Controller USB adapter

If you are using a Logitech mouse or keyboard then the dongle for the device.

Any other items one feels they need a refreshing soda or ice water remember to enjoy yourself.

Step 2: Find Your Motherboard's USB Header(s)

This can be done many ways however I looked up my motherboard on the manufacturer's website Gigabyte was the maker of my motherboard(yours may be different). Also, an easier way to find this is to open up your case and find the header marked USB ###. This is usually printed on the board above or below the metal pins sticking out of the board. One Note: though I used one type both types of USB header plugs should work with this.

Step 3: Attach the USB Header Plug to the Board (be Careful!!!!!!!)

Next, once one has opened the case and found the USB Header one will place the USB header plug on the metal pins. Be advised that you may have to push a little however don't force the plug if there is any resistance take the plug off of the pins and stop. you can destroy your board if you are heavy handed or push too hard! One can even bend the pins or make the motherboard inoperable if you force the plug!

Step 4: Test the Setup

Test the install first then once you know that the dongles will work then mount the USB ports inside your case.

Step 5: Clean Up Make It Look Good

I personally do not have an opinion on where one places or mounts the ports. My main objective was to ensure that this worked with my case. I have a Bitfenix Prodigy M with a window on the side and have a fan controller mounted in the optical bay which is not metal. One needs to ensure that there is no metal in between you and the dongle. Wood may degrade the signal slightly, however, my setup works perfectly. I enjoy now that I don't need to move everything when I move my PC. Also, if I wanted to I could put an additional set of USB ports in if I chose to. To add more ports inside your case, repeat this instructable. Consult your motherboard manufacturer or the manual that came with your motherboard or PC for how many USB headers are on your board. I have a video with the test of the upgrade which can be downloaded and viewed.

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