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Introduction: Internation Doll Quilt

Fabric needed:  2 1/4 yards of pre-printed doll panel, 1/4 yard green (border), 1/3 yard pink (border), 1 3/8 yards blue (border and binding),
2 1/2 yards border print, 6 yards backing and 81"x101 " batting (cotton or polyester). Quilt size 73"x93" 

This charming quilt features a 81"x43" costumed doll panel or fabric panel of your choice.  The center panel is banded by 3 matching fabrics to accentuate the design.  First, attach the green 1 1/2"x81" strip to the sides and a 1 1/2"x45 1/2" strips to the top and bottom.  Second, attach the pink 2 1/2"x83 1/2" side strips and the 2 1/2"x49 1/2" top and bottom strips.   Third, attach the blue 3 1/2"x87 1/2" side strips and the 3 1/2"x55 1/2" top and bottom strips.  Next, attach the coordinating doll border 9 1/2"x93 1/2" side strips and the 9 1/2"x73 1/2" bottom strip.   Use a 1/4" seam for all procedures.

Prepare the backing by cutting the chosen fabric in half lengthwise, join the two sections and trim the backing so it extends 4 inches beyond all sides.  This allowance makes it possible so the quilter can attach the quilt to the frame. 

The final stage involves quilting the top, batting and backing either by a professional long-arm quilter or in an alternative quilting technique you choose.   This quilt was stitched in an overall heart design done in a neutral oyster color thread that would not detract from the dolls. 

Prepare the binding by cutting 2 1/2" strips to equal the distance around all four sides of the quilt.  Join the strips, fold them in half lengthwise and iron in place.  After the quilting is finished, trim the edges even so the binding can be sewn on.  Attach the binding on the top side of the quilt, flip it to the back and sew it down either by hand or machine. 

Ta Da you are done!

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