International Clock





Introduction: International Clock

Step 1: Circle

Draw circle

Step 2: 12 Parts

Exchange, 12 parts

Step 3: Clock Shield

Cut and draw 12 point

Step 4: Back

Draw back element, and cut battery hole.

Step 5: Tube

Make tube 12 x 29 mm

Step 6: Old Clock

Dismount old clock.

Step 7: Shield and Tube

Combine shield and tube

Step 8: Write Country

One part, one country or town

Step 9: Battery

Put battery and pointer

Step 10: Finish

Good Luck



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    17 Discussions

    Wouldn't this set the clock forward/back an hour and five minutes, instead of just an hour?

    Cheap, easy, effective. I love it! Now I just need a guide for my slow brain on how to line up which time zone. xD

    Hahahhahahahah that rocks!!! at first i was wondering how it worked but now i see lol! thats awesome :D but u have to order them in a certain way...

    1 reply

    : / i wish there was a edit thing but whatever can you tell me if you have to order it in a certain way?

    Except that this has been made by almost any first-grade schoolchild in the netherlands during geography lessons to learn about timezones. Perhaps even Charlotte has learned about it there, the name sounds Dutch.

    Hm... it strikes me that you could put a weight behind the original faceplate at 6 o'clock, and mount it so it freely rotates. Cool idea though!

    1 reply

    Even better - cut a slot at the top of weighted faceplate, and mount it in front of a second faceplate with names of cities or countries, as in fungus's version.

    That way, when you rotate the clock, only the correct city shows, and you get a numbered faceplate.

    What was your material?? looks kinda like cardboard, but i'm not sure.

    I think it's important to point out too that you removed the Minute hand, as rotating it 30 deg to move forward/backward the hour would also move forward/backward the time by 10 minutes. Good show old boy, good show.

    Well done. I am a Canadian living in the Uk, and am always making international calls (I'm always counting on my fingers to find out the time differences) I will have to make on of these. Good job.

    thats a really good idea. i didn't see where you were going with it until the end were it rolls. good job