International Space Station Lamp Shade

This project was inspired by the glorious images of the ISS, similar to a solar eclipse, on the horizon projecting its silhouette. What could be cooler than having that experience whenever you turned on your light?

This design was intended for a floor lamp, to be hung from above, in orbit above your book. It's easy to make, taking a few hours depending on how sturdy you intend on making it. Follow along for the ISS in your living room!

Step 1: Materials

The materials I used were all recycled/trashed objects. Including:

Wire (copper is nice, steel too)

Keyboard circuit (you can use anything, but these are pulled from junked keyboards and take a great look of a solar panel)


Glass tubes/plastic (for the body/structure of the space station)

Step 2: Cut Your Panels

Cut the keyboard. I scaled the size based on the dimension of the full size ISS. ie. 17 inches keyboard : 239 feet ISS. ETC. this can be adjusted on what will look best, as well as the material you have.

Step 3: Panels

In retrospect, I would create connected panels. It's too much work and too flimsy to do 1 by 1 panels, for 16 total. you get a similar effect with 2-4 panels that are simply wider, and stronger.

Step 4:

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