Internet Controlled Power Outlet




About: My name is Zach Sousa and I'm a Canadian highschool student that has a passion for making.

In this instructable, I will show you how to make an internet connected powerbar.

*Warning:* This instructable deals with high voltage, I will not be held responsible for any potential injuries. Only do this project if you know what you are doing. Furthermore, Do not Plug any appliances that draw more that 5A, even if the relay is rated for 20A.

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

Here are the parts and tools needed to make this project:


5v relay

NPN transistor (I'm using a 2n2222)

Linkit ONE board with WiFi antenna (included with board)


1.5k Resistor (Brown Green Red Gold)


Extension cable

Male headers


Soldering iron and solder

Computer with latest version of Arduino IDE and linkit one drivers

Step 2: Wiring

Here is the circuit diagram for the wiring.

You will also have to plug in the WiFi antenna into the uFL connector that says "WiFi/BT ant".

Step 3: Upload Test Code

Here is the test code. Download it, double click to open, then press upload. Open the serial monitor, and copy the first IP address, then paste it into an internet browser. Keep the IP address copied.

Step 4: Upload Final Code

Here is the final code. Double click to open, then press upload.

Step 5: Test...

To test the project, plug the board into your computer, and paste the IP address into a web browser. If it has Three buttons, everything is working. Thanks for viewing this project!



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    3 years ago

    Good project. I was with you until I saw the price of the linkit.. yikes..