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Talk to the hand.  Seems like a lot of people give the Internet High Five graphic as an enthusiastic response to something.  How do you do it in real life?  Well, how about a pin or button that is the Internet High Five hand and all you have to do is point to it and smile.  And while we are at it, make it backlit with an LED, 'caus that's what we do around here and a lot of people are germaphobes.

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together...

You will need:

An LED electronic candle (flickering tealights)

A plastic hand - IKEA Patrull safety bumper caps

Pin backing clasps - found in the jewelry findings/notions at the craft store

Hot glue gun to put it all together

Hacking tools like a utility knife, screwdriver, wire cutters

CAUTION: Know how to use your hot glue gun and handle hot glue only when cooled or you will burn yourself.

Step 2: Hack Electronic Candle

I am using the electronic candle guts because it has all of the functionality I need to light up my plastic hand shape.

The battery, switch, and LED are all in one unit.  Bonus is that it flickers so it animates the light a bit.  Only drawback that it is a bit dim so it doesn't really light up the thick translucent plastic hand.  I guess you can switch out the LED for a brighter one.

Crack open the electronic candle by prying open the cover.  Insert a utility knife in the seam to crack open any glue.  This one is held together by a post and mating post on each side of the case.  It is snap-together construction so it is easy to pull apart.

I also pulled off the silicone "flame" diffuser.  You can use it if desired but I only wanted the small bare LED.

Step 3: Apply Part a to Part B and Mix...

You should have the guts of the electronic candle separated out.

See how it fits on the back of the plastic hand.

The mounting post was too high to make it fit nice so I clipped it off with wire cutters to size.

I suppose you could also peel away the hand from the clear support plate on the bumper to form various gestures.  You can make the "Rock On" sign or the "Thanks for cutting in and getting my parking spot wheredya learn how to drive" sign.

Step 4: A Little Dab Will Do Ya...

Position the LED unit so the LED will give off the best lighting.

See where the mounting posts lay on the back of the plastic hand.

Apply a blob of hot glue at those points and press together.

Hot glue the pin clasp on the back of the LED unit.

I would place the pin clasp a little higher on the LED unit so that the finished button doesn't droop from the weight when pinned to clothing.

Step 5: You're Done...

Internet high five!

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