Internet Radio and Media Player - Work in Progress

I'm working on a project to create nice looking internet radio and media player that is be based on Raspberry Pi 3, Volumio and box from Apple Watch 2. This is quite typical project, with may similar ones instructions available, so before explaining details, let me share some thoughts and reasons behind this project and selected components:

1. Primary function is internet radio.

2. Should work without remote, browser or TV screen.

It should have simple display, on/off and prev/next buttons

3. It should look good

- used Apple Watch 2 plastic box looks great and looks like good one to host all components.

4. But it should be extendable

Volumio is selected because it can play internet radio stations but also:

- is great media player

- has great remote through mobile app

- has number of plugins, including Tidal, Spotify ...


- Rasperry Pi 3:

- has build in WiFI

- has latest USB HW - recognises external USB DAC correctly.
I'm using Rotel A-12 amplifier with build in DAC which has not best USB interface. RPI B+ and 2 had problems if not started in right order. Amplifier needed to be started before RPI, if shut down RPI needed to be restarted etc.

Step 1: Preparing Box

Apple Watch Box looks great but it could be a challenge to clean up. I used hand milling machine to cut through plastistic insert than pushed it to remove it. There is still some gue left. While I used alcohol to clean it, it was not 100% perfect. Still this will stay inside, so does not have to be perfect.



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