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Recently there is quite a swing with the term Internet of things. Wouldn't it be nice if you can control your appliances with your smartphone.
Lets get started.

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Step 1: Link for the Video

Step 2: Part Lists.

The part list for this project is super simple.
All you need is a Arduino,A led,A computer with internet acess and the Blynk app.

Blynk library:

Parts list:


1.Arduino UNO:

2.5mm Led:

Arduino UNO:

5mm Led:

Arduino UNO:

5mm Led:

Step 3: Connections and Test

1.Connect one end of the usb to your arduino and the other to the computer having internet access.

2.Insert the led to Digital pin 13 as shown.(The shorter one is the cathode and goes to ground)

3.Install the Blynk app from google play store or app store.

4.Download the Blynk library from the link given.

5.Extract the zip file into Arduino's library folder.

6.Now open the Arduino software,go to examples--->Blynk---->Boards_USB_serial--->Arduino_USB_serial

7.Enter the Authentication token from your email and then hit upload.

8.Go back to the Blynk library folder and under script open the windows batch file

9.Enter the COM port your Arduino is connected to.
Note:Make sure you do not close the command window.

*Now you are ready to blynk*

Step 4: Success

I hope you liked this project.
Stay connected for more videos and I'll see you next week.

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12 Discussions


1 year ago

Thank you for your work. I'm having trouble changing COM1 to COM3 . .How can I change port number?


Reply 3 years ago

That is method 1 aka the easy one. Opening the windows batch file under scripts directly links your arduino to the blynk server(through internet).
The second method serves the same purpose but its lengthy.You can find the alternative on their website.


Reply 3 years ago

then there is no point in putting the arduino uno to com3 alr right?


3 years ago

the usb serial exampel is not uploading on Arduino mega 2560 .i have downloaded the zip file from the site you have given and extracted it but it is totally different from yours one . you should check and help me please


3 years ago

Can the arduino be connected to a wifi shield rather than a computer for Internet? Thanks

1 reply