Intrecciato Woven Cardcase




Introduction: Intrecciato Woven Cardcase


It's an easy version of Intrecciato woven wallet.

I recorded it slowly for following easily. If you need a pattern, please leave your email address on youtube comment. If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment too. Let's start : )

Step 1: Prepare Pattern and Leather

The total of of 8 sheets are enough, 12cm x 10cm

Leather should be skived as thick as 0.7 t

Step 2: Pocket Base

Apply glue on the four sheets to make the last pocket

It will be the back side of this wallet Draw a line under 13mm from the top of the card pocket Apply the glue up to the lines you marked

Step 3: Folding Top Edge

Prepare reinforcement tape 5mm thick
Place reinforcement tape 6mm below from the top Apply the glue on the reinforcement tape Fold the top of the card pocket

Step 4: Prepare Weaving

Stick the four leathers which you put glue earlier

Place the pattern on leather Punch the leather following the pattern My pattern is suitable for a 6mm punch

Step 5: Cut and Weave

Cut leather straps 5mm in width to weave

Press the surface from time to time to make it tight Apply glue on the top part by 13mm

Step 6: Making Pocket Parts

Fold to end of reinforcement tape

Make creasing line at the top of the card compartment

Step 7: Combine and Cut

Combined the whole thing, cut it in the final shape

You can make clean edges, if you cut whole parts together at once Stitch the three sides of the pocket except the top

Step 8: Edge Painting and Burnishing

Put on edge coat on the edges

repeat edgecoat - sanding - burnishing Rub with soft cloth to finish

Step 9: Done :^)

Thanks for watching!

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago on Step 9

    What is that large metal disc that you're using as a roller? I've never seen one and that would fantastic for my leatherworking as well! Great video!


    2 years ago

    nice design!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks! :^)