Water War Bot One

Introduction: Water War Bot One

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3/4/11 - 3/13/11
Contest Age Group 13 - 18 (by the way I was the only one who made this : ) )

Welcome, this is my first instuctable. This robot squirts water out of the nozzle, you are able to "see with it", and you can drive it around. This is the first robot compitition I have entered. It is fun to have duals with these. You should have fun making this. It should only really take a few hours. The only reason why it took a few days was because I had school, I didn't work on it every day, I had to take pictures, and because I made some mistakes.

You will need to buy a few things: Spectrum DX-7 $300, CD-Rom Drive $30, super glue $5, duct tape $2, Wireless camera set from Geeks.com $30, Solder $5, Amphibian from propelrctoys.net $50, Sabertooth 12 RC Dual Motor Speed Controller $70, 2 CDs, and 3 Futaba S3305 High-Torque Servo Motors about $40 each but you can pick any kind of servo motor. Tools needed soldering iron, pliers, wire strippers. This design will improve the orginal amphibian and you will have a camera so you can see on your tv screen what the robot is doing. My instructable is devided into 6 different parts so that at the end you put every thing togerther so that it is more orginized.
I also made it on my site too link: http://newtonlabs.weebly.com/open-source-project-wwb-i.html

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Step 1: Step 1

First Remove all of the electronics from that back of the CD-ROM Drive except the motor that controlls the motion for going in and out

Step 2: Step 2

now unscrew the water squirter and strip the wires so that you can see the copper

Step 3: Step 3

Now tape the water squirter onto the disk. Make sure to take it out of the slot because this one got messed up. In front of this I never put this in until later but you will need a piece to stop the tray from coming out to far so you will need to insert one there it can be anything to stop the tray from tipping it.

Step 4: Step 4

Now, super glue a servo to the bottom of the disk that you taped the squirter on. Use tape to support it while drying. After it is dry, super glue and tape the bottom of the servo to the other disk so that it can support the disk with the squirter ontop

Step 5: Step 5

Put tape at the back of the disk tray where there i a hole if there is a hole

The tape should be where it shows in the picture

Step 6: Part 2

Electronics for the equipment

Step 7: Step 1

Now I will tell you how to make the electronics.
First unscrew the servo motor's screws on the the bottom
then dismantle it after that then open it and pull the electronics out of the case
do this twice so you can use it for the squirter and the disk tray.

Step 8: Step 2

Now first desolder the motor there currently and solder in its place the wires of the water squirter in the first and the disk tray in the second and sould turn out as the above

Step 9: Part 3 -- Test

Plug the disk tray controller into gear, the water squirter into thro, the servo turning the water gun in AUX1 and test it out!

Step 10: Part 4

Making the base

Step 11: Step 1

unscrew all of the screws on the base and take all the wires out except the two motor wires and the battery wires and for future use leave the wheel lifter wires there it will also give support

Step 12: Step 2

Step 13: Part 5 --test

Now the base should be controllable with the speed controller you will need to keep the battery that came with the robot so that you can power the speed controller. Unplug all of the current RC wires you have on the reciver except the battery for it. Plug the forward into ELE and Turn into Aile and put the reciver on the colsest circle and the battery in the dip next to the supports for the wheels. Now test it out, if it works go to the next steps otherwise try to see what is wrong. Also make sure that when you are supposed to turn you turn and when you need to go forward you go forward. If you go to the Reversing SW option on your controller you can try to fix it by reversing channals; like if you want to turn right but it turns left.

Step 14: Part 6

putting it together and testing it

Step 15: Step 1

Now duct tape the disk drive to the base's center so that it is secure. Next duct tape the reciver and battery down so the dont fall off when you are driving. Now tape on the camera to the front top center of the water squirter and tape the battery to the back rectangular part.

Step 16: Step 2

Now make sure you have all of your wires are plugged into these ports: Forward into ELE, Turn into Aile, disk tray controller into GEAR, water squirter into THRO, and the servo turning the water gun in AUX1


Just plug in the camera into the TV, turn on the controller, and try it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbdHCeu_xYo

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    You've documented all the steps, but what is it? You should create a new intro that tells us what it does. Also, your title is "intro" right now :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the help because this is the first instuctable ever! :)